Sustainability Committee meetings held in FY 2019

Sustainability Committee

The Recruit Group has a Sustainability Committee, an advisory body to the board of directors, that discusses the group's activities to promote sustainability based on advice from external experts.

In the fiscal year 2019, we held two meetings of the committee in November and February. The objectives were to respond to global changes quickly and properly as a global company and fulfill the society's expectations in our approaches tailored to our business domains and climates.

At the 2019 committee meetings, we discussed the group's human rights policy and its impacts on the climate change based on the international sustainability agenda and external experts' genuine advice and suggestions. Through these, the meetings served as valuable opportunities for us to learn and enhance our awareness a great deal.

Among others, the Recruit Group human rights policy was one of the key themes of discussion. We focused on how the group should take care of human rights, taking into consideration various aspects, such as the scope of the group policy and the increasingly diversified human rights issues in the context of rapid technological advancement.

The results were put together as what the Recruit Group should be like going forward in the revised Recruit Group human rights policy and a conceptual diagram, the "Recruit Group House of Human Rights." They were published in May 2020. As well as the comprehensive group policy, we had further discussions on specific and salient human rights issues at the SBU level and identified how individual SBU policies and the group policy were interrelated.

Through the Sustainability Committee as a place for continued discussion that takes into account the latest social climate, demands, and expectations, the Recruit Group keeps taking positive actions to ensure sustainable corporate management based on insights shared by external experts from diverse backgrounds.


1st meeting: November 1, 2019
2nd meeting: February 12, 2020

Participating external experts (in order of Japanese syllabary)

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. Senior Principal, Research Division, CMA / Japan Sustainable Investment Forum Co-Representative Director Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi
BSR Director, Women's Empowerment, New York Ms. Aditi Mohapatra
3M Japan Limited President, PhD Dr. Masahiko Kon
Shinwa Sohgoh Law Offices Partner, Attorney at Law(Japan) Mr. Daisuke Takahashi

Participants from Recruit Group

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
President, CEO, and Representative Director Masumi Minegishi
COO, CSO, CRO, Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer, and Board Director, Head of HR Technology Business, CEO of RGF OHR USA, Inc. Chairman, RGF Staffing B.V. Hisayuki Idekoba(Committee Chair)
Managing Corporate Executive Officer Head of Media & Solution Business President and Representative Director, Recruit Co., Ltd. Yoshihiro Kitamura
Managing Corporate Executive Officer Head of Staffing Business CEO, RGF Staffing B.V. Rob Zandbergen
Corporate Executive Officer (Corporate Planning / Sustainability / PR / Human Resources) Ayano Senaha
Senior Partner, Sustainability Promotion Department Kazuo Tase