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knowbe is a business operations support service for welfare facilities that help people with disabilities go about their daily activities. The software as a service (SaaS) tool offers online support for business and employment programs in accordance with Japan's Act for Comprehensive Welfare of Persons with Disabilities. They must comply with rules for fee calculations and billing and are currently under huge workloads. knowbe provides a central management system for user data and one-click automatic creation of documents for billing, record keeping, and calculating wages and salaries.

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KARADA Assessment

The KARADA Assessment supports senior citizens who have stopped working due to age barriers or limited physical capabilities. The nationwide program measures and visualizes a seniors' physical strength, operational skills, personality, and other traits so they can find suitable work that matches their capabilities and interests. As of July 2020, the program has been held at 76 locations throughout Japan.

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WORK FIT is a free seminar that provides employment support and career education to help people find their ideal career path. The seminar was designed with various age groups, backgrounds, and lifestyles in mind; past seminar attendees include undergraduate students, unemployed youth, youth in reform schools, children in orphanages, and homemakers. As of March 2020, approximately 33,000 people have participated in the seminar.

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"ParaRing" (a combination of the words "paradigm shift" and "ring") is a project to foster a society in which people with disabilities can realize their potential. The ParaRing team participates in and speaks at external events to raise awareness and educate society about people with disabilities. Recruit has also released several short VR videos of ParaRing events so that everyone can experience them.

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Tree Planting

Since 2006, Recruit Group has made an effort to plant trees in accordance with our sustainability philosophy. As a company that uses paper as a valuable resource, planting trees is one small way Recruit can contribute to a better society. Recruit has been working with WA Plantation Resources (WAPRES), the largest operator of sustainable tree plantations in Western Australia, to manage and maintain a eucalyptus plantation that stretches over 514 hectares across seven sites in North Perth.

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Sep 30, 2020

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