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    The Launch of Third Edition of "Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT" to Support the Next Generation, Taking a Step Forward with the Power of Music

    Feb 27, 2020 | Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Recruit Holdings is launching the third edition of "Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT" on February 27, 2020. The project supports young people who want to pursue their music dreams while at the same time the project reflects another step toward Recruit’s mission of encouraging individuals and businesses to follow their hearts.

    About "Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT"

    Since its establishment in 1960, Recruit Group has supported people in every life stage and lifestyle through its businesses, in the employment, wedding, housing, dining, and beauty fields. We believe that everyone prospers when we accept the differences and choices of others and embrace all lifestyles.

    Spring is a time of significant change for many people as they go on to higher education, advance to the next grade, find a new job, or move to an unfamiliar city. For young people, these changes are especially significant; that’s why this year, we are bringing back the third edition of  "Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT" to encourage anyone currently discovering their own path.

    This year’s five participating artists are Hakubi, KANA-BOON, PELICAN FANCLUB, Miyuna, and Macaroni Empitsu. Using the theme of “challenge,” each artist collaborated with a creator of their choice to make a music video.

    The "Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT" special websiteTo an external site will relaunch on February 27, 2020. With the first video release on March 2, 2020, with Hakubi’s video. All of the songs and music videos from the five artists will be available on the “Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT” site, Recruit's social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and the artists’ official sites.

    Details of the "Follow Your Heart & Music, Presented by RECRUIT" project

    Participating artists

    Hakubi, KANA-BOON, PELICAN FANCLUB, Miyuna, Macaroni Empitsu

    We sought out up-and-coming artists who share the mission of "Follow Your Heart" and whose activities, expressions, styles, and creations are not bound by existing frameworks.

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    Schedule of music and music video distribution

    • Hakubi: March 2

    • KANA-BOON: March 4

    • PELICAN FANCLUB: March 6

    • Miyuna: March 10

    • Macaroni Empitsu: March 12

    Song and music video distribution site

    Follow Your Heart & Music Presented by RECRUIT website an external site

    Official Social Media Channels of Recruit
    Twitter: an external site
    Facebook: an external site
    Instagram: an external site

    *Other information will be posted on each participating artist's official website.

    Details of the first and second project

    Artist Profiles

    20200227 02

    Hakubi Official website:

    20200227 03

    KANA-BOON Official website:

    20200227 04

    PELICAN FANCLUB Official website:

    20200227 05

    Miyuna Official website:

    20200227 06

    Macaroni Empitsu Official website: