Moving the Needle for Gender Equality

As a global leader in HR matching platform, Recruit Group believes that our data and technology can contribute to realize fairer, more equitable workplaces and hiring. Together with UN Women and other global change-makers, we will accelerate social transformation by advocating gender equality and operationalizing it into our business.

Closing the Gender Gap Together with the Global Leaders

Committing to the Women's Empowerment Principles*1

In February 2022, Recruit Group endorsed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)*1, a set of action principles developed jointly by the UN Global Compact and UN Women to proactively promote the advancement of women.

Becoming a #HeForShe*2 Alliance Corporate Champion

In conjunction with our support for #HeForShe*2, the global solidarity movement for gender equality led by the United Nations entity, UN Women, we announced a further commitment to gender equality by becoming a HeForShe corporate champion*3.

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Recruit Holdings' CEO, Hisayuki “Deko” Idekoba took to the stage at the 2022 HeForShe Summit to assert the company’s commitment to gender equality in front of an international audience of global leaders from government, business, and academia.

Commitment from Our Top Leaders

Hisayuki "Deko" Idekoba

Representative Director, President and CEO

Ayano "Sena" Senaha

Director, Executive Vice President and COO

Yoshihiro Kitamura

Executive Vice President and Head of Matching & Solutions Business

Rob Zandbergen

Executive Vice President and Head of Staffing Business

*Titles are current as of the date of publication (March 2022).

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Initiatives to Promote Gender Equality in Society

HR Technology SBU: DEI Efforts to Drive Employers to Open Up Job Opportunities For All

To foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, which naturally includes addressing gender disparities, companies must prioritize transparency, acknowledge the existing gaps between their DEI goals and the current status and take concrete actions to close these gaps. HR Technology SBU plays a critical role in providing companies with data on the outcomes of their DEI efforts; Indeed’s Work Wellbeing Score and Glassdoor’s Equity Xray enable employees to provide feedback on organizations' efforts and reputation for promoting DEI - including gender parity efforts.

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Matching and Solutions SBU: What Gender Equality Means to Recruit: Fostering Forward-Thinking and Creativity

According to the World Economic Forum's "Gender Gap Index 2022," which measures the disparity between men and women in various countries, Japan ranks 116th out of 146 countries. Eliminating unconscious gender bias at home, in the workplace, and across society is vital for achieving gender equality. To this end, Recruit is implementing various innovative initiatives led by frontline leaders, which are expected to serve as a positive agent for change, not only within the company but also throughout Japan.

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Staffing SBU: No Glass Ceiling Program

Chandler Macleod, a staffing firm within the Staffing SBU, offers an employment program that provides training, mentorship, and job opportunities for women aged 45 and above who have career gaps or face other employment challenges. The company remains committed to providing diverse job prospects for women, empowering them to enhance their self-confidence and achieve financial independence.

  1. Established by UN Women and UN Global Compact, the WEPs are a set of principles offering guidance to business on how to promote gender equality and women's empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. It serves as a practical guide for companies to examine and analyze their current practices, standards and behaviors.
  2. HeForShe is a movement for the realization of gender equality that UN Women has been promoting globally since 2014. It provides an opportunity for all people in the world, including men, to express their commitment and support for the realization of a gender-equal society.
  3. Champions are an ambitious group of trailblazers in the HeForShe Alliance across a broad set of fields, with tangible commitments focused on transformative change across countries, companies, and communities. Through HeForShe Alliance, champions join forces as role models and develop scalable and shareable solutions for gender equality's most pressing challenges. They are required to set ambitious goals for gender equality, both individually and for the organization they lead as a whole, and to express their commitment to achieving these goals. In addition to achieving gender equality within their own organizations, Champions are expected to establish collaborative programs with UN Women, host awareness-raising activities and make investments to solve issues in their relevant industries and regions, regularly report on the progress of their initiatives, and serve as practical role models in promoting equality.