We aim to generate value for society in a sustainable manner through our corporate activities.

In addition to our business itself, we focus on a broad range of social contribution activities and the creation of an organization in which every employee can participate.

We actively promote giving back and contributing to society

Leveraging the knowledge of our human resources business, we are continuously implementing various initiatives such as a career education support program for junior high school students, a free employment support program, and employee-led volunteer activities.

There is value in having diversified human resources working and growing in their own unique ways

By providing a structure for leveraging a diverse range of ideas and supporting different ways of working, we are improving the way people work and developing a rich and diverse talent pool.

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2019

Here is Recruit Group's annual report 2019. We have combined our annual report and CSR report into a single report to enable stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of management principle, business strategies and mid- to long-term value creation.

Sustainability data

Sustainability data for the Recruit Group and evaluations and statements from outside parties are provided in the pages below.