Social contribution activities

Our approach to social contribution activities

"Fulfilling Our Responsibilities as a Corporate Citizen" is one of the Recruit Group's three guiding principles in CSR. Contributing to society through our business is at the core of CSR for the Recruit Group. We recognize that some social issues cannot be resolved through business alone, though, and that society has many expectations of us. The development of our business comes with great responsibility as a corporate citizen. Recruit will continue as a leading company to contribute and give back to communities and society.

Social contribution activities of the Recruit Group today include Townwork Try! Work, a career education program that utilizes our business insights, Recruit WORKFIT Program, an employment support program for young people, and two galleries that we operate with the aim of giving back to the community. Other ongoing efforts include employee volunteer activities.


Donation of unused sales promotion goods to welfare organizations

The Recruit Group's publication activities extend to many forms of media, and we create a range of sales promotion goods to mark inaugural issues or renewal events. After these events we have leftover clothing items like T-shirts and jackets, towels, stationery, and other items. We donate these to organizations in Japan so that they will be put to good use.

Matching gifts

Support for employees' social contribution activities

Recruit has established a matching gift program in order to support social contribution activities carried out voluntarily by members of our Board of Directors and our employees. In this system, whenever an executive or employee makes a donation, the Recruit Group donates the same amount to the recipient organization. In fiscal 2014 we matched 57 donations for a total of ¥1.75 million.

Sharing our knowledge with society

Public release of Recruit survey results

Companies in the Recruit Group establish dedicated survey and research organizations matched to the characteristics of their business. These organizations conduct a wide range of surveys, from fields related to life stages, such as employment, marriage, and housing, to fields associated with living costs, including travel, eating and drinking, and beauty care. We release the results of these surveys for the benefit of society.

Major survey and research organizations

Volunteer leave system

In response to requests by many employees for company support for their volunteer activities, in August 2011 we set up a volunteer leave system letting employees take five days of paid leave for volunteer work each year. For continuing support of volunteer activities, we also pay a part of the expenses incurred in these activities.

Townwork Try! Work

Support for more meaningful workplace experience career education in junior high school

Most junior high school students in Japan take part in "work experience" activities as part of their career education. To provide support so these students can look forward to work as something exciting and obtain a deeper appreciation of what work actually involves, since 2007 we have conducted Townwork Try! Work, our career education support program.

In this program, Recruit employees give lessons to students before and after their workplace experience activity, which is conducted as part of their general study course. Employees then work together with students to prepare student-edited versions of Recruit's Townwork magazine.

Sharing the skills to discover the fascination of work and communicate it to others, which we have cultivated in our business

Townwork is a job information magazine published by the Recruit Group for people who want to work locally. To communicate the attraction of companies and the people who work for them in this magazine, Recruit employees develop the skills (seeing, listening, and communicating) and knowledge to identify what makes working people shine and to share it. Recognizing that these skills and knowledge would be useful to junior high school students who are learning about work at local companies and retail shops, Recruit developed the Townwork Try! Work program by conducting interviews to clarify issues affecting classroom education.

In a lesson before the work experience activity, Recruit employees teach students how to observe working people and gather information as local "job researchers." A lesson conducted after they have completed the work experience focuses on how well students have perceived people's thoughts on the jobs they perform and how best to convey them to readers. The articles written by students are gathered in a student-edited version of Townwork for each school. This is distributed in the communities around the junior high schools to help raise the educational level of the entire community.

The skills to discover and communicate the attraction of work are a major asset of the Recruit Group, which was founded as a job advertisement business. These skills allow us to give back to society through children. The Townwork Try! Work program lets us put our knowledge to work to benefit the community, and contribute to society in ways that only Recruit can. We developed the program from the ground up based on the Recruit Group's capacity to support such opportunities and roles.

Recruit WORKFIT program

Contributing to a society where all young people can work with vitality and purpose

The overall unemployment rate for people aged 15 to 24 years old in Japan today is 5.1%, and that for people up to the age of 34 is 4.4%. Unemployment in the younger generation thus exceeds that of the total working population,*1 and the number of people who have not yet settled on a career path accounts for 16% of university graduates--more than 80,000 people annually.*2 The Recruit Group works with external partners to help young people be more proactive in their job search through the Recruit WORKFIT Program, support program, which is free of charge. We hope to see a society where all young people can work with vitality and purpose, and are doing what we can to help as many young people as possible find work and grow through their own efforts.

*1 Based on the March 2015 Labor Force Survey by the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.
*2 Based on the fiscal 2014 School Basic Survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

Support for voluntary job application activities through practical programs in conjunction with external organizations

In Recruit WORKFIT Program, our aim is to expand the possibilities of young people who lack confidence in finding a job, or who feel that they have hit a dead end. We want to help as many as possible find work. More than 15,000 young people nationwide have participated in two programs we organize: One is a "1 Day Seminar" that helps participants enhance their strengths and interview skills, and the other is "4-Day Group Work," a practical program focused on honing skills in a group. These hands-on, practical programs help participants better understand themselves, the work they seek, and their own interview skills to give them confidence in their independent job-seeking activities.

Since starting this program, we have cooperated with NPOs, universities, and other external organizations to increase the number of participants. Some of these organizations specialize in supporting young people who have withdrawn from society as they make their way back into the world. By collaborating with the Recruit Group and taking advantage of our job-search expertise, some of these partners have been able to increase the rate of young people who went from unemployed to employed ten-fold. University career centers have also adopted our Recruit WORKFIT Program.

Two out of three people who participated in a 4-Day Group Work event held at Recruit had received a job offer within 3 months.

Participants in events at a Recruit office in the first half of fiscal 2014 (April-September) Rate of job offers within 3 months
1Day Seminar 65.2%
4-Day Group Work 70.3%

Recruit WORKFIT program in Thailand

We held the first WORKFIT program in Thailand in Oct. 2016.

Recruit WORKFIT program in Vietnam

We held the first WORKFIT program in Vietnam in Oct. 2015.