Contribution to Society

Recruit Group aims for a sustainable world and engages in various activities to meet the expectations of society and to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen. Our defined focus areas for our community contribution, and community investment are our five sustainability material matters (Inspire new ways of working, Close the opportunity gap, Celebrate​ diversity and inclusion, Respect human rights, Conserve the environment) and we conduct following initiatives.

  • Employment Support

    Recruit Group has been creating a society where everyone is motivated to work.

  • Supporting Young People

    Recruit Group has been creating a society where young people can follow their hearts.

  • Community contribution

    We are engaged in implementing programs for volunteer activities and regional revitalization.

  • Giving Back to Society

    We release the results of these surveys for the benefit of society.

  • Other Activities for Social Contribution

    Recruit Group engages in various social contribution activities.