Regional Revitalization

Regional Revitalization Project

This project aims to address Japan's social issue of opportunity disparities.

Recruit Holdings has promoted open innovation efforts to take on the challenge of business development under the theme of "regional revitalization" together with municipalities and businesses/organizations from other industries, in order to contribute to solving the issues faced by regional communities.

As one such effort, on March 30, 2017, Recruit Holdings began a demonstration experiment for a support model to solve regional issues in cooperation with Arida, leveraging Recruit's strengths in human resources, management, and information technology systems. This experiment was carried out together with Arida City in Wakayama Prefecture, under the comprehensive collaboration agreement previously signed with the city.

Over the course of two years, the project yielded results through refinement of the "Arida Mikan" brand, an increase in tax deductible donations to the municipality, higher unit prices, development of new sales channels, and increased productivity through crop spraying by drones.

In March 2019, Recruit leveraged its know-how in matching to construct AGRI-LINK IN ARIDA, a comprehensive support scheme for securing new agricultural workers. This win-win agricultural employment scheme conserves valuable land and the pride of farmers, benefitting new farmers, providers of farmland, and accepting farmers alike. From Fiscal 2019, Recruit will engage in ongoing demonstrations of the effectiveness of the scheme, and will continue studies to make the model one that takes root and expands in communities, with the aim of sustainable promotion of industry.

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