Work style innovation

Why promote the evolution/innovation of work styles: Background behind the introduction of the "Work Style Innovation Project"

In recent years, there have been movements to reconsider the way we work or to introduce more diverse ways of working, in both the public and private sectors, as a response to business challenges such as the globalization of business, labor shortage caused by population decline, and the promotion of diversity.

Recruit Group is also actively engaged in promoting work style innovation, such as exploring location-independent ways of working or measures to increase hourly productivity.

"Work Style Innovation Project" is aimed at setting off a wave of change in work styles across society, through our challenge to achieve fundamental work style innovation to re-invent how we work.

With the "Work Style Innovation Project," Recruit Group will strive to create new value, drawing together experience from diverse individuals, examining and putting into practice a variety of work styles so that an individual can autonomously work in a flexible manner, thus securing more opportunities to gain experience.