Setting our material themes

By means of the process described below, we identified themes to engage in as Groupwide priorities, selecting five of them as our core themes

  • ①Identify themes

    We identified important social issues, using sources within and outside the Group, categorizing them according to the seven core subjects of ISO 26000 and addressing omissions in the list.

  • ②Determine axes

    To gauge impact on our company, we set "stakeholder and social expectations" as the vertical axis and "relevance to the Recruit Group's business" as the horizontal axis.

  • ③Score

    We weighted and mapped each social issue along the two axes.

  • ④Review

    We discussed potential Core Themes based on a review of the process.

  • ⑤Set Core Themes

    We arranged the issues and grouped them in a set of Core Themes.

After mapping items against the vertical and horizontal axes of "stakeholder and social expectations" and "relevance to the Recruit Group's business," we arranged items with high scores on both axes into five thematic groups. These became the Five Core Themes.

Note: The Core Themes will be regularly reviewed, incorporating domestic and international viewpoints.