Code of ethics

In the wake of the shares-for-favors Recruit scandal, we realized that compliance does not refer to merely complying with laws and regulations. Rather, compliance refers to appropriate conduct by a company and its employees that satisfies the expectations of society. Following the Recruit scandal, we established our Management Philosophy, Three Management Principles, and Code of Ethics as universal guidelines that govern our conduct.

Recruit Group code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics describes standards of conduct that apply to all officers and employees of the Recruit Group as members of society.


In light of the social significance of the business, employees of Recruit Group shall recognize their responsibilities as a member of society and engage in moderate and ethical behavior at all times.

Establishment and revision history:
Established on November 26, 2013
Effective on January 1, 2014

  1. 1.Moderate Behavior as a Member of Society

    We will recognize our roles and responsibilities as members of society, and always maintain and behave in a moral and ethical way to those around us and to society as a whole.
    Focusing on doing not only what is good for business, but what is good for our people and the communities in which we live and work.

  2. 2.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    In fulfilling our social roles through our business, we will comply with any applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances.

  3. 3.Compliance with Agreements

    In doing business, we will recognize our social responsibilities, enter into fair agreements with our customers and related cooperating parties, and comply with such agreements.
    Any agreement should be in writing, and the content agreed upon with the other party upon giving due consideration. The execution of any agreement will be subject to confirmation by the Legal Department and any written agreement will be retained in a secure manner.

  4. 4.Fair Commercial Activities

    We will conduct fair and equitable trading.
    Accordingly, we will not engage in any unfair commercial activities that may hinder fair and equitable trading. (i.e., any acts that may cause adverse effects on fair and competitive order.)

  5. 5.Fair Relationship with Officials of Government and Municipal offices, etc.

    As a member of society, we will maintain a fair relationship with officials of government and municipal RGG0001_20140101
    offices, and, at the same time, strictly refrain from engaging in any acts that may cause any perceived misconduct from the people and/or entities around us.

  6. 6.Appropriate Handling of Information

    1. 6.1Protection of the information of customers, related third parties, and our company:

      We do not divulge or use any data/ information of our customers, related third parties, and our company that has come to our knowledge in the course of our business for any purpose, other than for its intended use, without obtaining the consent of the customers, related cooperating parties, and our company's management.

    2. 6.2Protection of personal information:

      We keep all personal information and data confidential.
      There is a possibility that the inappropriate use of personal information obtained through the ordinary course of business may cause huge damage to the subject. We will not divulge or use personal information for any purpose, other than its intended purpose, without obtaining consent from the subject of such information.

    3. 6.3Ban of personal use of unreleased information:

      We will not personally exploit, for either themselves or for third parties, any information provided before it is released to the general public.

  7. 7.Protection of Intellectual Property

    1. 7.1Protection of third party's intellectual property:

      We will strive to protect intellectual property of our customers and related cooperating parties who support our business.
      In doing business, our customers and related cooperating parties provide us with valuable information, copyrighted works, and other similar information or works. The information and works we receive are the outcome of the intellectual activities of a number of related persons and are the intellectual property created as a result of investing an enormous amount of time, expense and effort. Therefore, the rights of the owner thereof must be protected to the greatest extent possible.

    2. 7.2Protection of our own intellectual property:

      We will strive to protect our own intellectual property as well as the third parties'.

  8. 8.Clarification of Scope of Business and Responsibility

    In doing business with customers and related cooperating parties, we will clarify the allocation of tasks and responsibility between them and us.
    We will refrain from interfering in matters between our customers and/ or related cooperating parties where we do not have full understanding of the dispute.
    We will ensure that we communicate clearly with our customers and/or related cooperating parties.
    Accordingly, the scope of business and responsibilities must be clearly understood and agreed upon amongst the parties.

  9. 9.Proper Public Announcement of the Details of the Company

    We will make public announcements to society to ensure the details of our policy, activities, and the products are accurately known.

  10. 10.Respect for Human Rights and Elimination of Discrimination

    We will respect the human rights of individuals. Accordingly, we never commit any acts that promote any unjustifiable discrimination.

  11. 11.Securing a Pleasant Working Environment

    We will strive to create a work environment in which there is mutual trust and sound judgment.
    We eliminate any acts that infringe upon human rights including, but not limited to, discrimination, violent acts, sexual harassment, and power harassment in the workplace.

  12. 12.Disconnecting with organized crime, crime syndicates and other anti-societal organizations

    We will not have any involvement with organized crime, crime syndicates, and other anti-societal organizations that draw criticism from society.

  13. 13.Proactive Commitment to Protection of the Global Environment and Public Affairs Activities

    We will proactively commit to activities such as recycling to protect the global environment, recognizing that protection of the global environment is the basis for the continued existence of our business.
    We, as citizens will proactively participate in public affairs activities to coexist with the local community.