The Recruit Group views compliance as "Meeting society's expectations and demands through proper behavior, by both the company and individuals, beyond the framework of legal compliance."

The Recruit Company Code of Ethics was instituted in April 1990. Following a change in management structure, the Recruit Group Code of Ethics was established in September 2012. Various internal regulations have also been instituted, and we continue a policy of self-regulation in our business practices.

Code of Ethics

Systems and mechanisms

Each Group company conducts compliance training and works to instill compliance practices in that company.

Recruit Holdings, in coordination with the SBU Headquaters, assesses the status and problems of internal control across the entire Group. It also conducts compliance training and works to instill compliance practices in the entire Group.

Whistleblower system

Hotlines are available for the employees, temporary workers and partners of Recruit Group to be utilized when above-mentioned people find they are "unfairly treated" in accomplishing given tasks or in the workplace. These hotlines are also available when they, from a third-party perspective, find or sense misconduct, such as bribery or corruption.

Also available are external hotlines for those who may be intimidated to use internal hotline.

Reporting Channels Details
(Hotline, Harassment Help Desk)
Each company/subsidiary has hotline/help desk to address reports and consultations brought by the employees of collective Recruit.
Recruit Holdings (Corporate ethics help line, sexual harassment complaint office) An employee hotline has been established in the Compliance Office of Recruit Holdings as a channel for employees, temporary staff workers, and residing partners to share their concerns.
External help line An external hotline has been set up for Group employees, temporary staff workers, and resident partners who are hesitant to bringing their concerns to an internal organization.
External, third-party consultants handle employee issues.

We proactively communicate to employees by issuing a wallet-size card that carries the contact information of the hotline or help desk when they come onboard.

wallet-size card

The help lines and offices are operated in accordance with the "Recruit Group Compliance Policy," and the privacy of individuals in question is fully respected.

The content of a report or complaint is never shared or disclosed, either inside or outside the company, without the consent of the person bringing the report or complaint. It is also guaranteed that the person will suffer no disadvantage within the company due to the consultation.

We have also expanded the service to include use by part time workers. (For more information, use our contact page).

Human Rights

Compliance education for employees

Recruit Holdings has its philosophy of providing training in line with "The Recruit Group Code of Ethics" to all employees of the Recruit Group.

Each Japanese company compiles and distributes Compliance Guidebook to its employees to prepare for the comprehension test. This is one of the examples of promoting compliant practice. The Compliance Guidebook quotes potential situations that employees are prone to encounter with the explanation how such a situation should be handled by referring to the social and company rules. The employees will read through the guidebook and obtain necessary rules through the simulation of various situations.
There are more compliance trainings provided based on the echelons. One example is the training for the newly appointed managers on bullying or harassment.

Furthermore, each company provides necessary compliance trainings that best fit to own business natures.

Detailed compliance activities

The Recruit Group stipulates "Recruit Group Compliance Policy" that is approved by the Recruit Holdings' BOD Meeting through its resolution in consideration of social and ethical obligations.
In this specific policy, bribery and insider trading are prohibited.
Together with this Recruit Group Compliance Policy, the company distributes above-mentioned Compliance Guidebook in an effort to communicate the prohibition of bribery, insider trading, etc.

Prevention of bribery

With consideration of the social and ethical responsibilities of the Recruit Group, we have established the "Recruit Group Compliance Policy." Our aim is to prevent bribery by maintaining proper relationships with politicians, public officials, and others. These regulations also apply to public officials in other countries.

Prohibition of insider trading

We have issued the Recruit Group Insider Trading Prevention Regulations, covering all executives and regular employees of the Group. We work to prevent the occurrence of insider trading while also prescribing the social and ethical responsibilities of executives and regular employees to protect and ensure the Group's reputation.