Internal controls

Our approach

We have established a system for ensuring the propriety of operations across the Group in accordance with the Companies Act, the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Companies Act, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Structures and systems

The Board of Directors of Recruit Holdings works to track the development of internal controls and identify potential issues by appointing an internal control officer for the entire Group and setting up a department in charge of internal controls.

Furthermore, the presidents and representative directors of Group companies have set up internal control systems within their respective companies.

The internal control department at Recruit Holdings cooperates with Group companies to ensure the propriety of Group operations in an integrated manner.

Internal control over financial reporting

We have established the Recruit Group J-SOX General Policy and created an internal control system for financial reporting compliant with the J-SOX internal control reporting system stipulated in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Exclusion of antisocietal forces

In the Recruit Group Code of Ethics, we clearly state our policy of having no involvement whatsoever with organized crime, crime syndicates, and other antisocietal organizations that draw criticism from society. The Recruit Group Basic Policy on Internal Controls further stipulates that we will disconnect all ties with antisocietal organizations, including business relations; develop regulations regarding what steps to take if a case should arise; and act resolutely against unreasonable demands in accordance with the law, designating a department to oversee such responses and cooperating with external expert organizations. These principles are upheld by all of our officers and employees.

Internal audits

A department in charge of internal audits set up under the direct control of the Recruit Holdings President, CEO, and Representative Director audits the operations of officers and employees for any breaches of laws, regulations, or articles of incorporation.