Each and Every Member, Full of Unique Characteristics, Taking on Challenges Will Enhance the Value of Recruit Holdings

Corporate Executive Officer

Investor Relations and Special Advisor to CEO

Junichi Arai

The value of Recruit Holdings is yet to be unleashed.

As the corporate executive officer of the Corporate Planning Division, it is my mission to maximize the enterprise value of Recruit Holdings; and while always remaining conscious of the evaluations and reactions of global capital markets, it is my responsibility to manage wide range of corporate finance projects and investor relations (IR) , which involves dealing with global capital market participants on a quarterly basis. In addition, I am promoting the evolution and improved efficiency of our holding company’s internal organizations and functions.

Since graduating from university in 1988, I have been involved in corporate finance businesses, mainly M&A advisory services at U.S. investment banks. Then, I decided to test and verify at a business company what I had learned from past experience and the theories I had devised to that point. Therefore in 2016, I joined Recruit Holdings, one of the few globally competitive Japanese companies and one of my former clients, because I thought it was a company worth working for.

I believe that Recruit Holdings, with its sincere commitment to the contribution that each of its businesses offers to its individual users and corporate clients, and its continued growth while changing its business to keep up with the times, could easily become one of Japan's top five companies in terms of market capitalization at any given time. However, our business is diverse and our business model is not always easy to understand, and it is not easy to convey its value and attractiveness as it continues to further change and evolve.

My mission is to continue to increase our valuation, or market capitalization, based on projected future sales and profits, by building on the expectations, support, and confidence of the global capital markets for our sustained growth, but I feel that we are yet to fulfill the mission and have a ways to go.

As we continue to grow as a publicly traded global technology company, we need more people to drive this forward with us.

In Japan, one way or another, at various different points in our daily lives we have numerous opportunities to use Recruit's services, and actively working alumni of Recruit have been frequently featured in the media, so I believe that a certain brand image has been established.

However, the company has transformed itself into a technology company, including in its domestic business, by shifting from a primarily paper-based advertising business to the Internet, and expanding its service areas to include business support through matching and SaaS.

With the three management strategies of “Simplify Hiring,” “Help Businesses Work Smarter,” and “Prosper Together” as our pillars, we are evolving our global HR matching business by leveraging technology, utilizing SaaS solutions, including Fintech, to contribute to enhance company performance and productivity and working to achieve the ESG goals that we announced as part of our sustainability commitment. I believe that it is necessary to carefully communicate these initiatives we are taking to gain the understanding of capital markets and our stakeholders.

The perception of Recruit Holdings as a company that owns Indeed is currently extremely strong in global capital markets, and the strength and evolution of Recruit's Japanese domestic business is not always properly recognized. With it’s unique segment portfolio consisting of HR Technology, Matching & Solutions, and Staffing Businesses, there are few companies that can compare to Recruit Holdings, and its one of a kind status makes it difficult for investors to evaluate its value. We must consistently plan and evolve how we disclose our business activities in line with our long-term strategy and how we explain them to investors and shareholders around the world.

For a company that is expanding globally, how the entire global group is governed and where resources are concentrated and allocated are also important factors that determine enterprise value. As such, each of our actions at the holding company creates value for Recruit Holdings.

All professions are full of opportunities that require creativity and imagination that are not bound by “what is normal” or “the way we have always done things.” For those who wish to expand their possibilities in our company, which is continually globalizing, we believe that there is a uniquely rewarding job awaiting them that they won’t find anywhere else.

You will expand your horizons by taking on “out of the box” challenges that go beyond your experiences or the roles you’ve been given.

I believe that in the majority of companies, defined roles are assigned to corporate staff who must not do anything else and stay out of your “neighbor's yard.” At Recruit Holdings, however, just passively doing the work assigned to you will only earn you an average assessment. People who go beyond the scope of their assigned tasks and roles and actively challenge themselves to do what they think is necessary, or what they want to do, are commended. Everyone cheers and supports them. This culture to "BET ON PASSION" is deeply rooted in our company.

I myself was surprised when I first joined, as it took me some time to understand the nature of the company. For those who prefer a passive work style, where they only want to focus on demonstrating their expertise in a given job or role, this may be a stressful environment.

On the other hand, if you are not wedded to your area of expertise or previous experience, but would like to expand your career possibilities, the opportunities are endless. For example, let's say you are an experienced finance professional who wants to be close to top management and directly support decision-making. Communicating with top management requires the best judgments based on a broad understanding of the company as a whole, not just in your individual area of expertise. This necessitates having a deep understanding of the business, as well as the skills to grasp the assessments and expectations of external stakeholders, so as to provide accurate explanations. For example, In order to better approach your desired position, you could first deepen your understanding of the business through the IR or PR department, where you can utilize your financial experience, and then take on the challenge of communicating with shareholders and other investors, as well as internal and external stakeholders. Job assignments are flexible, based on the employee’s WILL and ability. It is also common for employees to have concurrent roles across multiple departments. It is a great environment for those who are intellectually curious and eager to explore their own potential and proactively take on new opportunities.

Embrace your individuality, and find the work style that makes you stand out the most, I want you to enjoy the challenge of new opportunities.

Recruit Holdings is a flat organization with a small number of skilled members; at the same time, each individual is respected and supported by a diverse group of members. Our corporate culture is rooted in the recognition and utilization of each other's differences, and I believe this is embodied in our core value to “BET ON PASSION. If you have been unable to express yourself to your heart's content in your career to date or in your current workplace, and are feeling constrained, I encourage you to fully demonstrate your value at Recruit.

There may be those who think, “I want to expand my possibilities, but it is a high hurdle to try something completely new.” It is scary for anyone to try on something new, and I think it is a natural feeling when one changes jobs and jumps into a new environment. But it doesn't mean that you have to start from scratch, and take on challenges by yourself. Even if this is new to you, there are many role models around you who have been in the same shoes. First, try to learn and imitate the way your superiors and members around you do things. Then, you will see what can be changed or find a better way to do something and try to make improvements. As you repeat this process, you will gradually discover your own unique personality.

From a very early stage, before the COVID crisis, we had utilized remote work to allow people to work unconstrained from anywhere according to their own schedule, and we have been pushing to evolve our operations to enable our employees to work with speed, accuracy, and without stress. As a result, we have been able to work more simply and faster without lowering productivity due to the COVID crisis, and many of our members achieve extraordinarily high performance while balancing work with childcare.

With a work style that allows you to reach your highest potential, an environment where you are surrounded by diverse role models, you will carve out your own career by constantly challenging yourself with new opportunities. We love to work with people who have this kind of spirit. I look forward to meeting you.

Junichi Arai

Corporate Executive Officer

Investor Relations and Special Advisor to CEO

Has long been involved in corporate finance businesses at foreign securities firms, with expertise in M&A and investment areas. He joined the Company in November 2016 as a professional officer and became a corporate executive officer (current position) in April 2018. He handles meetings with numerous domestic and foreign institutional investors after quarterly financial result announcements.
Has long been involved in corporate finance businesses at foreign securities firms, with expertise in M&A and investment areas. He joined the Company in November 2016 as a professional officer and became a corporate executive officer (current position) in April 2018. He handles meetings with numerous domestic and foreign institutional investors after quarterly financial result announcements.

Aug 5, 2022

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