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Job Change Scout Service Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout Starts Linking with Rikunabi NEXT Database

Jun 25, 2018 | Recruit

The emergence of one of the largest scouting databases in Japan

Recruit Career Co., Ltd. is expanding the job change scout service Rikunabi HRTech Job-change ScoutTo an external site by linking it with the job change information site Rikunabi NEXT database—a resource companies have not been able to access until now.

Effects of database linkage

Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout, which has been used by approximately 20,000 companies since its launch in 2016, previously utilized the database of Recruit Agent. The recent database linkage will expand the database by about five times, resulting in:

(1) An increase in the number of job seekers AI can recommend.
(2) An increase in the likelihood of connecting the right candidate with the right company.

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Background of database linkage

As the competition for human resources heats up in the job change market, the need to use scouting services is increasing, especially among small and medium-sized companies with low name recognition. A number of successful recruitment initiatives have already been created.

Recruit Career is dedicated to supporting corporate recruitment and scouting activities. Through this expansion, Recruit Career will create more encounters between companies and job seekers and expand the circle of "pleasure of work."

About Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout

Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based recruitment support tool (pay-for-performance services) that uses a database and a vast amount of matching data to recommend job candidates for a company.

Companies will scout by selecting the "〇/△/✕" buttons for the recommended candidates:

  • ◯ = Perfect fit for the position

  • △ = Possible fit for the position

  • ✕  = Not suitable for the position

The AI learns your decision history, so your recommendations become more tailored and accurate as you use it.

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