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    Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout, a Job Change Scout Service, Collaborates with Kaonavi, a Cloud HR Management Tool Monitoring real-time job needs and recommending the most suitable candidates

    Aug 24, 2018 | Recruit

    Recruit Career Co., Ltd. announces that Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout, a job change scouting service, has collaborated with TALENT FINDER, provided by Kaonavi Inc.

    Background of service collaboration

    Since its launch in 2016, Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout has been used by more than 20,000 companies. To further expand the number of companies using the service and thereby create opportunities for companies and job seekers to meet, we have decided to collaborate with TALENT FINDER, provided by Kaonavi Inc.

    In June 2018, we linked the existing databases of Recruit Agent and Rikunabi NEXT, creating one of the largest scouting databases in Japan. This expansion has created a large number of recruitment results.

    Starting with this service collaboration, we will accelerate the collaboration with HR tech services and promote HR solutions through technology.

    Overview of service collaboration

    TALENT FINDER allows users to select employees by clicking on the "I want this person!" button on Kaonavi, a cloud-based HR management tool. The chosen employee's achievements and abilities directly reflect the recruitment information, and the job offer is then sent to the partner recruitment service.

    Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout recommends candidates using AI and Recruit Career's database based on the recruitment requirements created through TALENT FINDER.

    Through this partnership, we will be able to seamlessly handle the process from job generation needs to recruitment. We aim to eliminate the "misunderstanding of job requirements" that tends to be a bottleneck in recruiting activities and the "loss of time" caused by multiple contact points.

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    About Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout

    It is a recruitment support tool that uses AI provided by Recruit Career.

    Since its launch in 2016, it has been used by over 20,000 companies. By pairing the vast amount of accumulated matching data and Recruit Career's largest HR database in Japan, it recommends the most suitable candidates for each company.

    Companies can easily make a scouting decision by selecting the "I want you to come to an interview" or "I am interested" options for the recommended candidate. The AI learns your decision history, so your recommendations become more tailored and accurate as you use it.

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