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    AirREGI, a Free and Easy-To-Use POS Register Application, joins forces with Demaekan’s order management application

    Jun 10, 2019 | Recruit

    This collaboration makes it easier for stores to manage an expected increase in deliveries driven by the new, reduced tax rate

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    AirREGI, a free and easy-to-use POS register application operated by Recruit Lifestyle, and Demaekan, Japan's largest portal site for home delivery, will work together starting summer of 2019. Per this collaboration, Recruit Co., Ltd., the intermediate holding company of Recruit Holdings, and Yume no Machi Souzou Iinkai Co., Ltd. signed a business alliance agreement on June 3.

    Background of the partnership and value provided to stores
    The delivery market is expected to expand, including small and medium-sized stores, with the newly introduced, reduced tax rate.

    Alongside an increase in dual-earner households and the higher demands for services at home, the scale of the food delivery market currently exceeds 2 trillion yen*¹ and is expanding every year.

    In addition, under the reduced tax rate system to be implemented from October 1, delivery will be subject to a reduced tax rate of 8 percent. As consumer needs increase, small and medium-sized stores are expected to enter the delivery market, which until now has been dominated by major companies.

    *¹ Yano Research Institute, "Survey on Food Delivery Market (2017)" (released on September 12, 2017)

    However, even if small and medium-sized stores want to support delivery, it is difficult for them to carry out complicated operations, such as collecting orders received by phone or fax and receiving and monitoring payment, in addition to normal store operations. Stores are worried about "not knowing when orders will come in" and "not being able to secure delivery staff."

    In addition to the use of Sharing Delivery®, which provides support for attracting customers and deliveries on behalf of stores that have been provided by Demanekan, AirREGI and Demaekan’s order management app will be linked beginning in the summer of 2019. Orders automatically link to AirREGI and billing is automated, making the entire process smoother. As a result, even small and medium-sized stores that did not previously have delivery functions can now offer them.

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    AirREGI is effective for tax hike and reduced tax rate measures

    AirREGI is compatible with the tax hike and reduced tax rate that will be implemented on October 1. After completing the necessary settings, stores can automatically prepare for October 1 by simply updating the application. The AirREGI Starter Pack, which includes the iPad, peripherals (cash drawer and receipt printer), and a manual that anyone can read to set up the system, is eligible for subsidies for reduced tax rate measures designated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. With this, stores can reduce the time, cost, and effort required to prepare.

    ▼ Outline of the business alliance


    About AirREGI

    AirREGI is a free and easy-to-use POS register application that allows you to perform essential cash register operations in the retail, restaurant, and service industries on your iPad or iPhone. The service was launched on November 19, 2013. As of the end of December 2018, the number of accounts exceeded 402,000, making it the No. 1 POS register application regarding the number of stores using it* and leading the expansion of the mobile POS market in Japan*².

    It also supports the reduced tax rate system that will be implemented on October 1. As long as the necessary settings are completed, AirREGI can support multiple tax rates with a single app update.

    *² Survey by Recruit Lifestyle with Intage Corporation (as of January 2018)


    About AirREGI: an external site

    About AirREGI Starter Pack

    The AirREGI Starter Pack provides all the necessary equipment to get started, including an iPad, cash drawer, and receipt printer. You can also subscribe to our maintenance service to get support for any issues that arise, such as equipment failure.


    About AirREGI Starter Pack: an external site

    About Demaekan

    With 2.9 million active users and more than 19,452 affiliated stores (as of the end of May 2019), Demaekan is one of Japan's largest delivery portal sites for convenient meals at home or in the office. Users visiting the site can choose from a wide range of delivery service stores with several cuisines, including pizza, bento, Chinese, sushi, Western, Japanese, ethnic, curry, hamburger, dessert, liquor, and online supermarkets. The service allows users to view menus,delivery wait times, special offers, and place orders. Products are typically delivered in as little as 20 minutes.

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    About Demaekan: an external site

    About Demaekan's order management application

    The Delivery Order Management Application is an application that allows users to check order information via the Delivery Center and give instructions for cooking and delivery. It consists of a parent device (tablet) that reduces in-store operations and a child device (smartphone) that supports delivery. It is also easy to change the waiting time necessary to complete delivery, use the navigation function to see the destination, and aggregate the order and sales results. More features are forthcoming.


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