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    Glassdoor Releases Annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Transparency Report for 2021

    Jul 20, 2021 | Glassdoor

    Report Highlights Progress Over Past Year and Identifies Ongoing Areas for Improvement Latest Pay Equity Analysis Finds No Pay Gap By Gender or Race/Ethnicity

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (July 20, 2021) – GlassdoorTo an external site, the worldwide leader in insights about jobs and companies, today released its second annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transparency ReportTo an external site, following up on last year’s reportTo an external site and the company’s commitmentTo an external site to leverage transparency to drive equity in the workplace and society. The report analyzed Glassdoor’s employee population and leadership data by race/ethnicity, gender and more to track progress and identify areas of opportunity to reach the company’s goals by the end of 2025 to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and culture. Glassdoor also released its annual pay equity analysisTo an external site that found no statistically significant pay gaps among employees by gender or race/ethnicity. 

    “Bringing radical transparency to the workplace in order to drive change in society first begins with driving change at Glassdoor itself. While I’m pleased with how we’ve made progress in some areas over the past year to create more diversity and inclusion at Glassdoor, we still have a long way to go and remain committed to reaching our goals,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer. “We will continue to hold ourselves accountable through transparency and encourage all employers to leverage the power of transparency to improve as well.” 

    Making Glassdoor a More Equitable Workplace

    Glassdoor’s 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transparency ReportTo an external site shows that while there has been some positive momentum and progress over the past 12 months,  there is still much work to be done. Among its findings, the report shows that Glassdoor’s global employee base is 53% men and 46% women. The company’s U.S. employee population is 54% White, 26% Asian, 5% Black and 4% Hispanic or Latino. In addition, Glassdoor’s leadership team (director level and above) is 64% men and 36% women, while the U.S. leadership group is 70% White, 18% Asian and 3% Hispanic or Latino.

    Glassdoor has made significant progress in hiring diverse talent, with 30% of all new hires identifying as being from an underrepresented racial/ethnic group. To view the complete demographic breakouts and progress to Glassdoor’s 2025 goals, see moreTo an external site in the full report. 

    Glassdoor Pays Equitably

    Glassdoor’s 2021 pay equity analysisTo an external site found no adjusted pay gap by gender or race/ethnicity when examining the compensation of Glassdoor’s U.S.-based employees. This analysis is an apples-to-apples comparison of employees in similar roles with comparable experience and backgrounds. This is the sixth consecutive year Glassdoor found no statistically significant adjusted gaps by gender (2020To an external site2019To an external site2018To an external site2017To an external site2016To an external site). This is also the third year pay was analyzed by race/ethnicity and, similarly, no statistically significant adjusted pay gaps were found. Each year, the company uses an approach similar to the methods described in this guide, which outlines how employers can analyze pay equity within their own organizationsTo an external site

    Further Plans in 2021

    Beyond recruitment and hiring of a more diverse employee base, Glassdoor is also focused on improving the retention of its diverse employee base, particularly with respect to racial/ethnic representation among the leadership group (director level and above). 

    Some of the initiatives planned include launching a mentorship and sponsorship program to create and maintain connectivity in the hybrid working environment (with many employees choosing to work remotely some or all of the time), as well as to support further employee career development and mobility. Glassdoor also plans to launch a talent program focused on equity and designed to support and nurture career progression for underrepresented groups. This program will include sponsorship, career pathing and coaching, leadership and professional development and community service. In addition, we are developing an Inclusive Leadership program with the aim of driving transformative change within our Senior Executive team, ranging from programs to bring more diversity into leadership roles to ensuring team cultures are more diverse and equitable, and all employees feel they belong. Glassdoor is committed to building an organizational culture where everyone can flourish and thrive.

    About Glassdoor

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