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Recruit Unveils AirREGI Order: A Self-Ordering Solution for POS Registers, Compatible with Registers from Other Providers Partnering with NEC Platforms, available starting February 1st

Feb 1, 2023 | Recruit

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This document is a translation of a press release issued by Recruit Co., Ltd. on February 1st, 2023 (JST) and is provided as a reference material. If there is any discrepancy between this translated version and the original Japanese version, the original Japanese version prevails.

Recruit's AirREGI Order, a system designed to streamline restaurant operations, has unveiled a new feature: Self-Ordering for POS Registers. This new feature allows customers to place orders through their smartphones at any time, even when using POS registers from other providers. Previously, this feature was only available when used in conjunction with Recruit's own POS register application, AirREGI. Now, customers can enjoy seamless ordering and checkout experiences with POS registers from other companies as well. As of today, February 1, Recruit is proud to announce NEC Platforms, Ltd. as its first collaborator in this initiative, linking with their POS system FoodFrontia.


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1. Overview

AirREGI Order is an innovative ordering system that makes restaurant operations more efficient. With its self-ordering feature, customers can easily place orders through their smartphones by simply scanning a QR code* provided in the restaurant. No app download is required, and customers can place their orders anytime, eliminating the need to wait for a staff member. This not only increases ordering opportunities during busy times but also reduces labor costs by requiring fewer floor staff for operations. The system is user-friendly and easy to learn, even for new staff members, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity.
In the past, the self-ordering feature was designed exclusively to be used with our POS register application, AirREGI, allowing for automatic checkout of customer orders. However, some stores were hesitant to implement the feature because they were not using AirREGI. To address this issue, we have created a service plan called "AirREGI Order: Self-Order for POS Register", which allows clients to use the self-ordering feature without switching from their current POS register to AirREGI. Starting today, February 1, clients using NEC Platforms' POS System, FoodFrontia, will be able to utilize this service. Restaurants that have already installed FoodFrontia can now take orders through the self-ordering feature while still utilizing the order management, handheld terminal, and accounting functions included in the existing system. The order information seamlessly links to FoodFrontia, ensuring a smooth process from order to checkout.

* QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated

2. Background

The declining birthrate and aging population in Japan have led to a severe labor shortage. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this issue in the food and beverage industry, with the restaurant industry's shift fill rate for July-September 2022 being 48.9%*1, lower than other industries, highlighting the difficulty of securing employees and part-timers. To combat this, companies in the industry are turning to digital tools, such as ordering apps and automatic accounting systems, to help staff members focus on other important tasks. According to a June 2021 survey*2, 62.3% of restaurant managers reported they have already introduced one or more digital tools. As the industry continues to adopt digital technology, our collaboration with FoodFrontia aims to provide support to restaurants struggling with labor shortages.

*1: “Shift Fulfillment Rate and Requested Shift Rejection Rate Survey” Recruit
*2: “Restaurant Managers' Interest in and Adoption of DX Survey” Hot Pepper Gourmet Food Service Research Institute

3. About AirREGI Order

AirREGI Order is an ordering system that simplifies restaurant operations. It is designed to be easy to use, even for new staff members, to minimize mistakes. The system reduces the time and hassle of ordering, allowing restaurants to focus more on hospitality.
In April 2018, we introduced AirREGI Handy, an order-entry system that streamlines the ordering, cooking, and serving process. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic came an increase in demand for takeout and delivery services, making restaurant operations more complex than ever. In February 2022, we rebranded our service to AirREGI Order to better reflect its ability to handle these complex ordering tasks, such as eat-in, take-out, pre-meal payments and post-meal payments. AirREGI Order can be used in a variety of establishments, including bars, restaurants, and cafes. Businesses can choose from a variety of features to suit their operations, such as the Handy feature for receiving orders, Self-Order, which allows customers to order at any time from their smartphones, and Kitchen Monitor, a feature that helps prevent delays in serving and supports pre-paid meal orders. We have received positive feedback from our clients, such as "Even staff with no part-time experience in restaurants can use it from the very first day," “It dramatically reduces order errors” and “It helps us focus more on cooking and hospitality.”
Air BusinessTools, such as AirREGI Order, are designed to streamline tedious business tasks and reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with them. These tasks include accepting and processing reservations, accounting, handling payments, staffing, shift management, funding, and invoice processing. We will continue to support business owners in operating their businesses as they envision them and creating stores that are uniquely their own.

About AirREGI Order: an external site
About AirREGI Order’s self-ordering feature: an external site

4. About FoodFrontia*, NEC Platforms’ POS System

FoodFrontia is a comprehensive package that includes an order entry system, accounting and administrative support, and a management support system with a wide variety of sales analysis data. These features are integrated to boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and address employment challenges.

  • One package providing various types of business support

  • Restaurant-specific hardware design

  • A system that prioritizes hospitality

* FoodFrontia is a registered trademark in Japan of NEC Platforms, Ltd.
   FoodFrontia and TWINPOS are available only in Japan. an external site

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