A better workplace

Broadening communication

Promoting Groupwide communication through various events

We organize regular events bringing together employees in a range of positions, from many different departments and sections. These include discussions involving executives and young employees, excursions organized through the popularly named employee cafeteria to enjoy fireworks displays and music concerts, and voluntary lunch meetings for working mothers.

Company newsletters to enhance employee communication

We publish a variety of monthly newsletters to gauge employee awareness, broadcast information on their activities, and promote communication across the Group. The company newsletter Kamome provides wide-ranging content, including employee opinion surveys and features highlighting the work of different employees; the Recruit Group Times newsletter presents a variety of information to Group employees; and the company publication Suka2 carries articles promoting employee manners and introducing company events. Both Kamome and Recruit Group Times are printed in Japanese and English, providing information to Group employees worldwide.

Health maintenance efforts

Regular medical check-ups

Recruit Group arranges medical check-ups at all workplaces, either by visits from healthcare professionals or at nearby medical facilities, with the target of 100% of employees having a regular medical check-up once a year. When employeesrequire follow-up tests based on check-up results, the Group arranges opportunities to get examined at a venue or medical facility similar to that used for the regular medical check-up. Referrals are issued in accordance with the particularconditions when treatment, lifestyle modification, or other intervention is required, and appropriate follow-up is conducted through consultations with industrial physicians and health nurses, health guidance, or other means. People eligible for specific health guidance receive follow-up in the form of guidance provided in coordination with the Recruit Health Insurance Union.

Healthcare consultations related to overwork

Recruit implements measures against overwork as part of work-hours management. Employees whose hours exceed the set standard have a healthcare consultation with an industrial physician, as well as a check of their health conditions and any necessary follow-up. Their work hours are also restricted. Necessary measures are taken to prevent deterioration of the health of employees who have some type of health concern, including setting up individual consultations with an industrial physician after conclusion of the healthcare consultation.

Healthcare consultation standards

Applies to employees with overtime of 80 hours or more per month.

Mental health measures

Employees' mental health has long been positioned as a key issue in Recruit Group. Health maintenance staff are placed within the human resource sections of each company, where they coordinate with industrial physicians and nurses in the Health Management Office to take preventive and other measures.
Content related to mental health is incorporated into training for new employees and new appointees to managerial positions at Group companies in Japan. This aspect of our employee education activities aims to cultivate a corporate culture enabling the prevention and early detection of mental health issues. Stress checks are also conducted within companies to ascertain the level of employee stress and existence of mental health issues. Based on the results, employees considered to be at high risk for mental health issues are provided with follow-up services on an individual basis, including individual consultations and contact with industrial physicians.

Other types of consultation

The Health Maintenance Office places health nurses in charge of companies and regions to provide consultations about employees' health management. They are available at any time to handle inquiries from and offer advice to employees about mental and physical issues. In addition, external health consultation providers are contracted to establish a system enabling 24-hour access to health consultations for members (and their dependents) of the Recruit Health Insurance Union. Women employees make up a large percentage of the Recruit Group's workforce, and female-specific disorders are not uncommon among employees. Therefore, health seminars for women and opportunities for health consultations with gynecologists are regularly arranged, led by the Recruit Health Insurance Union.


Ikkyuan massage rooms at Group offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area are popular places for employees to go and relax. Group employees and staff of partner companies can use the facilities at reduced rates to enjoy massages administered by licensed masseurs, who are employees of special subsidiary Recruit Office Support.