Who we are

We help people discover opportunities that open new beginnings in life

Recruit Group helps people move forward, overcoming all kinds of negative emotions such as dissatisfaction, frustration, inconvenience, and concern. We do this by creating employment and boosting consumption through information magazines, websites, counter services and more.

Responding to society​‌’s needs and contributing to a brighter, more fulfilling world

Our current management philosophy is a symbol of our commitment to address the expectations of society.

Masumi Minegishi
President, CEO, and Representative Director

"In this global shift marked by rapid changes in society and the environment brought about by globalization and the introduction of IT, we will embark on even more complex and difficult challenges.

Taking on challenges since 1960

The Recruit Group has a history of taking on new challenges in constantly proposing new value and new opportunities, adapting to changing times and needs.

Creating new value with our business model and culture

The Recruit Group’s business model is called the Ribbon Model, because it brings customers and companies clients together. Combined with our unique corporate culture, this creates competitive advantages that cannot be easily imitated.

Our governance

Ensuring transparency, appropriateness, and effectiveness of management to promote the sustainable increase of corporate value.