Guarding against unconscious bias with the Anonymous CV

Discrimination in the workplace involves treating, or proposing to treat, someone unfavorably because of a personal characteristic. Efforts to prevent this, or antidiscrimination, are a strong determiner for the well-being of businesses and the workforce. Bias can supersede the best intentions and sometimes impressions and bias form unconsciously. Prejudices that form outside conscious awareness - or "unconscious bias" - can limit the diversity of workforces that would otherwise benefit from a broader collection of unique individuals.

The Anonymous CV

In the Netherlands, several companies are taking innovative steps to increase diversity and inclusive hiring in the workplace. We are proud to say that our own company, Unique, an employment placement agency in the Netherlands, implemented an ambitious effort to guard against unconscious bias. During the "Week of the Anonymous CV", age, gender, origin, dates and name were eliminated from resumes being evaluated by their clients. The only information the consultants of Unique gave to the hiring managers was the person's experience and education. Unique was seeking to give more attention to the skills, experience, and educational attributes of a candidate for a position; not the factors that may exclude qualified candidates based on bias.

Unique's Operational Director, Diana Magielsen, expressed her thoughts on discrimination poignantly: "At Unique we want to take a stand against distrust, prejudice, stereotyping and exclusion. Unfortunately, discrimination is a persistent social problem that we cannot solve alone. But when organizations are determined to reflect society's diversity, we can make a valuable contribution."

Fostering a culture of inclusion

Recruit Group seeks to challenge the cultural meanings that people apply to one another -- intentionally or unconsciously. We believe empowering a diverse team of people to pursue their passions, guided by equality in the workplace, is the best way to strengthen any team. We live and breathe our values and vision, and diversity is company policy. From 2017 to the present, the number of women, especially in managerial positions, has increased steadily. Programs for the promotion of people with disabilities, and a supportive framework for the LGBTQ+ community, have been long-standing institutions.

Because of our commitment to having a diverse workforce, Recruit Group is also able to provide local client businesses with expertise relevant to their markets. Our diverse teams have helped strengthen clients and promoted social good.

Inclusivity is integral to successful organizations

When actions are taken to promote inclusive and sustainable workplaces, the results demonstrate the benefits of diversity in the workplace and its social impact. Our mission is to help people achieve their passions, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disability. And in doing so, inclusivity becomes an integral element of successful organizations. Inclusivity allows businesses to benefit from having the most skilled employees on their teams, generating a wealth of diverse ideas and avenues toward growth.