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Nov 17, 2023

Recruit Holdings Ranked Third in "Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2023" Corporate Rankings

Recruit Holdings

Recruit Holdings took third place in the "Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2023" corporate rankings — the largest women’s activity promotional-related award in Japan. At the award ceremony held on October 31, Vice President Yuko Nishimura...


Nov 8, 2023

Recruit Group's Initiatives to Break Down Job Market Bias & Barriers that Job Seekers with Disabilities Face

Recruit Group

Recruit Group is working toward its goal to help 30 million people facing barriers in the labor market around the world get hired by FY2030, and that includes people with disabilities. The employment rate of people with disabiliti...


Jun 27, 2023

Recruit's LGBTQ+ Inclusion Initiatives in Japan: "SOGI" is a Matter for Everyone

Recruit Co., Ltd.

In Japan, it's estimated that 10% of adults identify as LGBTQ+, but many of them conceal this in their workplace, having a tough time at work. Recruit Co., Ltd., our operating company in Japan, has worked on making its workplace i...


Mar 8, 2023

What Gender Equality Means to Recruit: Fostering Forward-Thinking and Creativity

Recruit Co., Ltd.

In Japanese companies, the representation of women in management positions is strikingly low, less than half compared to the worldwide average of 30%. Despite its commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion since its i...


Jun 15, 2022

Moving Equal Pay Forward: Glassdoor and Fishbowl Empower Workers through Pay Transparency


To achieve equal pay, it is essential that workers know what is an appropriate salary for their position. Glassdoor has provided salary data for various companies for over 10 years. In September 2021, the company began powering Fi...


Apr 15, 2022

Changing the Game for Minorities in Technology: CSI Connect

CSI Companies

CSI Companies, a U.S. staffing service provider, has launched CSI Connect, an initiative to expand career options for high school and college students in Jacksonville, Florida. Here is the story of CEO Chris Frakus and CIO Melissa...


Mar 11, 2022

Breaking down the barriers of bias together

Recruit Co., Ltd.

Mio Kashiwamura, Corporate Executive Officer of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. / Corporate Executive Officer of Recruit Co., Ltd. addresses the initiatives for breaking the biases together and promoting DEI.


Jan 17, 2022

No experience necessary: finding work with USG Restart in the Netherlands

USG Restart

USG Restart, a staffing company in the Netherlands, partners with more than 50 local companies to provide eight-month training programs for people who have no prior work experience or who want to change their career field to one w...


Apr 1, 2021

Employee Group Combating Gender Inequality - Women at Indeed


Indeed offers multiple global employee-led Inclusion Resource Groups. One of these groups, Women at Indeed, promotes advocacy for the elimination of gender inequality. In this article, we will introduce its activities, with commen...


Sep 30, 2020

Indeed is committed to actively combatting discrimination


Indeed's spirited and open culture permeates across all offices and departments globally, lending a voice and support to broader discussions on challenges and solutions. We are committed to developing better products so that every...