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Dec 20, 2021

Creating better work opportunities in the real world using virtual technology


It has been almost two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. During these challenging times, Indeed built and launched its own virtual interviewing technology, Indeed Interview, to help people interview safely and ef...


Dec 1, 2021

Preventing food service delays: AirREGI Handy’s Kitchen Monitor feature

Recruit Co., Ltd.

Read the story of Kitchen Monitor, a new feature of AirREGI Handy, is an order entry system that makes ordering, cooking, and serving food easier and more time efficient. This is an interview of Ryosuke Sudo, who developed this se...


Nov 15, 2021

Take the first step to building your career

Staff Service Co., Ltd.

In 2014, Staff Service's Junji Hayashida and Ryo Yamasaki launched a new temporary staffing service model designed to seamlessly hire and train inexperienced personnel and aspiring engineers. Since the service’s launch, over 12,00...


Nov 1, 2021

Expectations of Recruit as an Imagination Machine - Martin Reeves, Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute

Recruit Group

See an insight by Martin Reeves, Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, about the sources of innovation in Recruit.


Oct 15, 2021

Ring - The Business Idea Contest that Embodies Recruit’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Recruit Co., Ltd.

Ring is an annual business proposal contest that began in 1982 and has resulted in some of Recruit’s most innovative and successful services. Yuki Sasada, who won second place at Ring 2020, exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirits ...


Sep 17, 2021

Building confidence, skills and inclusive futures in rural Australia

Chandler Macleod

See how Cynthia Andrews and Chandler Macleod are supporting Indigenous people to get a job opportunity in rural Australia. Not only placing them into a job, but also Chandler Macleod offers unique job training programs for their b...


Sep 15, 2021

List of external awards in the first half of 2021

Recruit Group

Between January and June 2021, Recruit Group received 68 external awards. The following is an overview of how the Recruit Group's companies, products, and services have made an impact on society.


Sep 10, 2021

Message from Rob Zandbergen, Head of Staffing SBU FY2021

Staffing SBU

Read Rob Zandbergen's message on RGF Staffing's COVID-related initiatives and goals to deliver a positive social impact to local communities. "The challenges posed by the pandemic have only inspired us to think, work, and collabor...


Sep 7, 2021

Message from Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor FY2021


See Christian Sutherland Wong's message. In addition to the response to COVID-19, Glassdoor pursues radical transparency in workplaces to fulfill its mission "To help people everywhere find a job and company they love."


Sep 3, 2021

Promoting the Adoption of Working from Home for Temp Staff in Japan

Recruit Staffing

Since 2019, Saeko Hirata at Recruit Staffing has been focused on promoting a project for temporary staff to work from home. According to a survey by Recruit Staffing, the working from home implementation rate of temporary staff in...