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Sep 15, 2021

List of external awards in the first half of 2021

Recruit Group

Between January and June 2021, Recruit Group received 68 external awards. The following is an overview of how the Recruit Group's companies, products, and services have made an impact on society.


Sep 10, 2021

Message from Rob Zandbergen, Head of Staffing SBU FY2021

Staffing SBU

Read Rob Zandbergen's message on RGF Staffing's COVID-related initiatives and goals to deliver a positive social impact to local communities. "The challenges posed by the pandemic have only inspired us to think, work, and collabor...


Sep 7, 2021

Message from Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor FY2021


See Christian Sutherland Wong's message. In addition to the response to COVID-19, Glassdoor pursues radical transparency in workplaces to fulfill its mission "To help people everywhere find a job and company they love."


Sep 3, 2021

Promoting the Adoption of Working from Home for Temp Staff in Japan

Recruit Staffing

Since 2019, Saeko Hirata at Recruit Staffing has been focused on promoting a project for temporary staff to work from home. According to a survey by Recruit Staffing, the working from home implementation rate of temporary staff in...


Aug 26, 2021

Message from Yoshihiro Kitamura, Head of Media & Solutions SBU FY2021

Media & Solutions SBU

Recruit Co., Ltd. has integrated its seven subsidiaries in April 2021. As a new organization, we will continue contributing to society by creating new values, and solving all kinds of problems in the industrial world faster and mo...


Aug 16, 2021

Message from Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed FY2021


"We help people get jobs." This mission is what gets us out of bed in the morning and what keeps us up at night. The Indeed Hiring Platform was created to automate the process of finding, screening, and scheduling interviews with ...


Jun 30, 2021

Getting a job, fast and simple, with the push of a button: Q&A with Group President and CEO "Deko" Hisayuki Idekoba

Recruit Holdings

Check out our interview with new Recruit Group President and CEO "Deko" Hisayuki Idekoba, where we learn about his opinion of the status quo, and his desire to help all individuals get job as fast and simple as possible.


Jun 23, 2021

Partnering with Shaw Trust to accelerate employment support: Indeed


Indeed made a partnership with Shaw Trust, a non-profit organization having been helping people enter the workforce in the UK for nearly 40 years, and has boosted up its aid for job seekers. Indeed and Shaw Trust held "Job Search ...


Jun 1, 2021

Recruit's Privacy Center: an easy-to-understand data privacy guide for users


Learn about Recruit's new Privacy Center, launched on February 16, 2021. Made for both users and employees to reaffirm Recruit's group-wide commitment to user privacy, the Privacy Center features easy-to-digest illustrations and d...


May 19, 2021

Putting organizational psychology at the heart of the recruitment process: Chandler Macleod

Chandler Macleod

See how Chandler Macleod, Australia's leading recruitment job employment agency (Recruit Group), developed a methodology called BestFit™. Find out the company's unique efforts to create a world where all people can work in a right...