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    AirREGI to Support Japan's New Invoice System Through Receipts with Registration Number, Issuance of Qualified Invoices, and Other Features

    Sep 20, 2023 | Recruit

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    This document is a translation of a press release issued by Recruit Co., Ltd. on September 20th, 2023 (JST) and is provided as a reference material. If there is any discrepancy between this translated version and the original Japanese version, the original Japanese version prevails.

    Recruit has announced that its free and easy-to-use POS register application AirREGI will provide features to support Japan's new qualified invoice-based method (“invoice system”), which will come into effect on October 1, 2023. These features will allow businesses to set their registration number as a qualified invoice issuer, print receipts with the registration number, print receipt history, print re-issued receipts with the registration number, and issue qualified simplified invoices.

    AirREGI features compliant with the invoice system

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    The invoice system, scheduled to take effect on October 1, 2023, will affect all businesses, regardless of whether they are subject to or exempt from consumption tax. This system will require businesses to retain qualified invoices from registered vendors to claim consumption tax credits. AirREGI will add the following four new features to allow vendors to easily issue qualified invoices that are compliant with the invoice system: Set registration number as a qualified invoice issuer, print receipts with the registration number, print receipt history, print re-issued receipts with the registration number, and issue qualified simplified invoices.

    Taxable businesses must comply with the invoice system. However, some business owners are likely occupied with their core operations and lack sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the details of this new system. AirREGI is free and its features are updated automatically. By installing AirREGI, businesses can comply with the accounting-related requirements of the invoice system, leading to less hassle. We plan to continue improving and adding new features to make accounting processes more efficient.

    Service details
    Fixed monthly fee: Free (no additional fees for these features)


    The third survey on the invoice system conducted by Tokyo Shoko Research in August 2023 indicated that 92.6%*1 of businesses have completed registration procedures for the invoice system; however, 28.2%*2 responded that they are not yet prepared to process issued invoices. We speculate that many of these businesses have not had sufficient time to take action following registration or remain unsure of what the next steps are.

    AirREGI provides features compatible with the invoice system — this eliminates the need to install new invoice-system-compliant accounting and cash register systems and allows businesses to concentrate on the tasks that require their attention. Through Air BusinessTools, Recruit has been helping businesses comply with legal requirements. For instance, AirREGI supports reduced consumption tax rates. We will continue to take steps to ensure seamless compliance with legal systems.

    *1*2 Tokyo Shoko Research, Ltd. “Third Survey on Invoice System” (conducted in Aug 2023). Internet-based survey conducted August 1 to 9, 2023; 5,896 valid responses were tabulated and analyzed. (Japanese only)

    About AirREGI

    AirREGI launched in November 2013 as a free and easy-to-use POS register application that anyone can use. It involves simply downloading the app on an iPad or iPhone. As of the end of March 2023, the number of users is about 735,000*3, making it the No. 1*4 POS register application in terms of store usage numbers. The number of businesses using AirREGI continues growing across a wide range of sectors, including restaurants, retail, and service providers. Users range from high school students to store owners in their 80s.

    AirREGI dramatically frees businesses from daily analog tasks by taking care of everything from accounting, inventory control, and customer management to sales analysis, all with a single app. Comments from users include, "It used to take us an hour to close the cash register, but now it only takes us 15 minutes," "Even our new part-timer was able to use it instantly," "Our sales per customer increased by 10%" and "We are now able to focus more on developing our menu."

    Moreover, AirREGI is even more convenient when combined with AirPAY, a store payment service for stores that supports credit cards, electronic money, QR codes, and points.

    Air BusinessTools, such as AirREGI, are designed to streamline tedious business tasks and reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with them. These tasks include accepting and processing reservations, accounting, handling payments, staffing, shift management, funding, and invoice processing. We will continue to support business owners in operating their businesses as they envision them and creating stores that are uniquely their own.

    *3 In-house survey (as of end of March 2023)
    *4 1) Survey body: Recruit Co., Ltd., 2) Survey conducted by: Intage Inc., 3) Survey period: Thursday, November 17 - Monday, November 21, 2022, 4) Target: MF18-69 who have installed or are currently using a POS register at a store or facility where they work, and are in the restaurant, retail, or service industry 5) Sample size: n=1,037

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