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How We Foster Our Talent

Our strength comes from within

"Bet on Passion" is one of  Recruit Group’s core values based on respecting and leaning on individual differences. We respect and welcome our employees’ ideas and passions and provide them with plentiful opportunities for growth. Recruit’s founding members were students who were greatly influenced by psychology. They believed in the power of intrinsic motivation, an idea that has evolved into the backbone of Recruit Group’s management system. Betting on passion has allowed Recruit Group to quickly grasp and respond to changes in what our users and clients need, which is how we’ve continued to grow and deliver valuable services for over six decades. Our talent development and performance management systems reflect our resolve to “Bet on Passion”.

Betting on Passion

Blossoming from the inside out

1. Embrace and capitalize on diverse strengths

"Bet on Passion" is underlined by the belief that we all have different interests, personalities, and strengths. When we work together to pursue our passions, our differences can complement each other and create greater value. The combination of all of our different strengths and perspectives is ultimately what inspires innovation.

To put this concept into action, Recruit holds "Will-Can-Must” Interviews that are devised to help employees set career goals based on their desires and strengths, the company's strategic vision, and the steps they'd need to take to achieve those goals. The Talent Development Committee then discusses and assigns the most appropriate job based on the perspectives of direct managers as well as colleagues at multiple levels.

2. Ask "What do YOU want to do?"

Recruit Group employees are often asked, "Why are you here? What do YOU want to do?" These questions reflect the emphasis we place on employee autonomy. We believe that it takes strong-willed people to produce stunning results. Every business we have, and every service we offer, was the brainchild of an employee with a burning desire to overcome a particular problem, challenge, or disadvantage.

Our founder, Hiromasa Ezoe, said this: "Create your own opportunities and let the opportunities change you." Recruit Group is built on our collective impulse to make positive and impactful changes in the world. To nurture that enthusiasm, we create opportunities for employees to explore and discover new interests. We also encourage them to participate in innovation-focused programs such as Ring, FORUM, and Indeed University.

3. Bank on autonomous growth

Recruit Group empowers employees by trusting them with responsibility and respecting their discretion. Engaging work assignments encourage ingenuity and inspire feelings of accomplishment that boost confidence and further motivate employees decision-making powers to achieve results, even if those outcomes seem beyond their current skills. When individuals with great passion  proactively seize an opportunity — even if they lack the initial aptitude to properly execute the task — we support them in every way and push them to the limit. That is what "Bet on Passion" is all about.

This is how the Staffing SBU's unit management system and the HR Technology SBU's post-acquisition governance work. By trusting and encouraging each organization to exercise discretion, we create more room for growth and enable faster, higher quality decision-making.

International management scholars have praised our culture of embracing differences, drawing out intrinsic motivations, and giving employees opportunities to reach their full potential, calling it a unique talent development system. We are committed to nurturing our organizational competencies, meeting the expectations of society, and achieving resiliency by always embracing change.

Message from Our COO



COO, Managing Corporate Executive Officer, and Director of the Board

For Recruit Group, everything we've accomplished is the result of curious individuals asking, "why is this way of doing things so inconvenient," and, "what if we made this possible?" Recruit management bets on ideas that are born out of curiosity backed up by data and facts, that will be transformed into an unbridled passion.
Ayano "Sena" Senaha: Message from Our COO

Expert Opinion on our talent development efforts

Yih-Teen Lee

Yih-Teen Lee

Professor of Managing People in Organizations IESE Business School

Read the interview with Professor Yih-Teen Lee of IESE Business School describes how Recruit's culture is the critical mechanism to balance its results-focused approach with an orientation toward caring for human beings, and how its members channel their desire to serve society into individual initiatives which bring innovation and generate value for the company.
Seeking the Value of Values and Synergy in Recruit's Global Expansion

Sandra Sucher

Sandra Sucher

Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

“Recruit Group knows that employees are more likely to take risks and explore novel ideas when they play an active role in the company, which is why our managers encourage employees to think about how they want to contribute to the world, what social problems they want to solve, and how the company can help.” Professor Sandra Sucher of Harvard Business School talks about how she views the company.
An External View on Recruit Group's Efforts

Talent Development at Recruit Group

HR Technology SBU

Indeed provides various training programs to help employees drive their performance, innovation, and career growth. “Indeed Skills Academy”, a learning platform designed to foster a culture of continuous learning, is one of them. Indeed also provides Virtual Hiring Events to employers so they can conduct individual or group video-call interviews with job applicants.

Opportunities for All: Talent Development Initiatives

Matching & Solutions SBU

Ring is a new business proposal contest that began in 1982 and has resulted in some of Recruit's most innovative and successful services, whereas FORUM is an opportunity for Recruit employees to share innovations that have been successful in their everyday work.

Embracing and Celebrating Ideas: Talent Development Initiatives

Staffing SBU

A crucial element in the success of the Staffing SBU is the localization of products and services to fit the needs of individual markets. This is possible thanks to the Unit Management System, a style of management that provides the flexibility to make decisions to individual businesses based on their deep knowledge of local client needs and market situation.

Autonomy Leads to Growth: Talent Development Initiatives