Our Business

Recruit Group's main businesses are HR Technology Business, Media & Solution Business, and Staffing Business.

HR Technology Business

HR Technology Business consists of the operations of Indeed, an online job search engine, the operations of Glassdoor, an online job and company information site, and their related businesses.

Media & Solution Business

Media & Solution Business comprises Marketing Solutions and HR Solutions. Marketing Solutions include activities and platforms linked to real estate, bridal, travel, dining and beauty matching services, while HR solutions comprises recruiting operations in Japan as well as other HR development, and placement services in Asia.

Staffing Business

Staffing Business offers temporary staffing and permanent placement services primarily in Japan, North America, europe and Australia. Services are provided for a multitude of industries and a range of job types, such as clerical, industrial, medical and technical workers. This also includes highly specialized expertise such as IT, engineering, finance and legal personnel.

Main businesses by Segment

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