Our Business

We operate a number of platforms for matching clients (enterprises) and users (people). Centering on this business model, we have expanded to various business domains with the aim of realizing a world in which each and every user can properly collect information and make optimal decisions.

We consider it a priority task to respond to the rapidly changing Internet business environment, capture the needs and the business opportunities in the global market ahead of others and maximize enterprise value and shareholder value, under a swift decision-making structure. As part of these initiatives, starting from Apr. 2016, we have worked to expand our business value based on the three Strategic Business Units ("SBU"s): HR Technology SBU, Media & Solutions SBU, and Staffing SBU.

HR Technology SBU

With Indeed Inc. at the core, this unit is expanding the online HR business globally in recruitment-related fields. By accelerating the business development of Indeed, the number one online recruitment site in the world, the unit is realizing Indeed's mission: "We help people get jobs."
We completed the acquisition of Glassdoor, an online jobs and recruiting site, on June 21, 2018, which is operated under the HR Technology SBU.

Media & Solutions SBU

This SBU consists of the HR media and recruiting business, and Marketing Solutions business mainly in Japan. By leveraging the assets of the media and solutions business that have been cultivated to date, such as recruitment services and services aimed at attracting customers, and expanding the scope of client industries targeted and services offered, the unit focuses primarily on services that lead to increased productivity for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

Staffing SBU

This SBU integrates the temporary staffing businesses of all the countries, in which we operate. We provide optimal matching services to benefit both job seekers and companies seeking employees in each country, and, by increasing employment opportunities, supports various ways of working in a changing global work environment.

Our Business