We sincerely strive to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society

  • Corporate governance

    We have developed a corporate governance structure that helps us make transparent, fair, and prompt decisions, as well as continually improve our corporate value as an attractive company.

  • Internal controls

    We have established a system for ensuring the propriety of operations across the Group in accordance with the Companies Act, the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Companies Act, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

  • Compliance

    We go beyond the framework of legal compliance to meet the expectations and needs of society through appropriate behavior by both the company and individuals.

  • Risk management

    We have established a basic policy for risk management and defined fundamental guidelines for systems to promote it so that we can appropriately manage and respond to the various risks associated with our businesses.

  • Intellectual property protection

    Protection of intellectual property is a part of our Code of Ethics, based on which we encourage understanding of copyrights, trademark law, patent rights, and industrial property rights.

  • Information security

    The entire Recruit Group works to strengthen information security, including information management systems and education and the handling of personally identifiable information.

  • How our management philosophy evolved ― immediate aftermath of the Recruit scandal

  • Code of ethics

  • Tax policy