Position name Global HR
Recruitment background

Recruit Group is a rapidly expanding global company, and because of that growth foreign directors and executives are increasingly joining top management, global revenue is nearly matching domestic revenue, and the need for people who can handle business in both English and Japanese is growing as well.

Recruit Group is responsible for growing many of the brands you are familiar with in your everyday life, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Suumo, Hotpepper Beauty, Zexy, Rikunavi, Townwork, RGF Staffing and more. We've been in the HR business and sales promotion business in Japan now for over six decades. In recent years our overseas revenue has reached approximately half of our total revenue and Recruit Group has grown into a global IT company as well. Whether it will be for Recruit Group domestically or overseas, we are seeking HR staff to join our team and help us grow globally.

Job description

You will be part of the team in charge of HR operations at Recruit Holdings. You will be entrusted with responsibilities according to your experience. Depending on the type of experience you have as well as your preferences, it is possible that you will have the opportunity to work not only in HR but also in the fields of corporate planning, sustainability, public relations, and more.

HR work can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Reviewing organizational governance of the entire Group
  • Developing and operating talent management structures and plans (evaluation, compensation plans, etc.) in Japan and overseas
  • Developing and operating equity compensation plans
  • Designing and operating the global talent management cycle

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Interesting aspects of the job You will have the opportunity to be involved in HR for the headquarters of one of the top ten largest companies by market cap in Japan. By helping to globalize talent management in our company — one of the most crucial initiatives for our Group — you can make a significant impact both in Japan and abroad.
Contract period Not fixed
Trial period Six months


We are looking for experience in both 1. and 2. below:

Skills and knowledge

  • Idiomatic or business-level English proficiency
  • Japanese at the business level (can read and write emails and participate in meetings in-house)
  • High-level strategy and planning skills
  • Excellent negotiating and coordination ability
  • High-level communication skills (e.g., the ability to promote a project while collaborating with those around you)
  • Ability to proactively drive business
  • Ability to actively pose questions with confidence


  • Teamwork oriented


  • Native-level English ability

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Talent Management and General Affairs Headquarters, Talent Management Department
* Recruit Co., Ltd., with a concurrent role at Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

Office address

Gran Tokyo South Tower, 1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
*The location of employment is subject to change based on role.


Estimated annual income: 6,077,281 to 8,226,619 yen
Wage format: Monthly salary (including fixed overtime pay)

  • Total amount: 377,320 to 510,352 yen
  • Base salary: 292,118 to 395,111 yen
  • Grade allowance: 85,202 to 115,241 yen
  • * Thirty-five (35) hours of fixed overtime will be paid as a grade allowance regardless of overtime work.
    * Overtime allowance: Additional overtime allowance is paid.
    * Assessed twice a year

Work time

Flextime system
Standard working schedule: 9:00 to 18:00
Break time: 60 minutes
Overtime: Yes

*The standard number of working hours per day is eight (8), but the time to begin and finish work is according to the role and to the discretion of each individual.

Break time Sixty (60) minutes (12:00 to 13:00, in principle)
Overtime Yes
Vacation/leave system Year-end and New Year's holidays, summer vacation, Golden Week, childcare leave, care leave, transfer leave, overseas business trip adjustment leave, occupational injury leave, condolence leave, pre-birth and postpartum maternity leave, nursing leave, nursing care leave, court leave, etc.
Social insurance Health insurance, long-term care insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance
Bonus Twice a year (June and December)
Various allowances Midnight/holiday work allowance, additional allowances, commuting and transportation expenses (according to our regulations), etc.
Various other benefits Employee share-purchase plan, childcare leave plan, long-term care leave plan, retirement allowance plan
Application process

Entry through the career application page

Application screening

Interview process (approximately three interviews)
*You will be required to take the SPI test during this process.

Tentative offer

Company Recruit Co., Ltd.
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