Celebrating International Women's Day

Diversity and Inclusion Accelerates Gender Equality across Recruit Group

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Happy International Women's Day!


Happy International Women's Day! While taking action to bring about gender equality is not something that is limited to one day a year, today does provide an opportunity to reflect on where we are now and what remains to be done. While we should celebrate the great achievements to date, we should also be reminded that sadly, women still face many challenges around the world, from missing out on opportunities to being denied the right to freely choose how to live their lives.

Today, we should all say no to a world that limits opportunities for women simply because of their gender, and instead, work together to create a better tomorrow. Step by step, Recruit Group is also working toward making equality achievable. Within our group companies, we have organizations taking initiatives to close the gender pay gap, and others implementing measures to prevent gender bias in the hiring process by removing photos from applicants' resumes so that their skills and experience are the sole focus of the selection process. I personally will continue to do what I can to promote gender equality and contribute to a society in which women can live with more freedom of choice.

Follow your heart -this is the Vision of Recruit Group. We hope to help build a world where each and every person can stay true to themselves and choose their own path in life. Since our founding, we have strived to empower each member of our team to make the most of their abilities. We will continue to work with everyone to extend this to all society and help create a future where gender equality is a given.

Ayano Senaha
Corporate Executive Officer, Recruit Holdings

Ayano "Sena" Senaha

Sena joined Recruit Group in 2006, starting out in business operations. When Recruit acquired Advantage Resourcing UK Ltd. in 2012, Sena was brought on as the company's Managing Director and skillfully turned the company's deficit into a surplus. After managing one incredibly successful post-merger integration, Sena stepped into the role of Executive Manager for R&D at the International Business Development Office and then went on to become Executive Manager of the Global Talent Management Office. In January 2018, Sena was appointed the Chief of Staff at Indeed Inc. and began working closely with Indeed's leadership to accelerate the company's growth. In April 2018, in recognition of her success in managing the integrations of several Recruit subsidiaries that helped expand the group's global presence, Sena was appointed as Recruit Holdings' Corporate Executive Officer.

Each for Equal at Recruit Group

Gender equality is a mission where you start as you mean to go on

In 1960, a new startup was created on the rooftop of a small prefab by two young people just out of college. This company's goal, as it has continued to be, was to help create a more positive society respecting the curiosity and passion of every single employee, with the belief that people can reach their full potential when their ambitions, dreams, and desires are unleashed.

To give everyone more access to information and set up more opportunities for life, the newly born Recruit had to be a company where everyone could choose their own way of life, regardless of their gender, age, or nationality.

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In fact, Recruit was already a pioneer back when Japanese women were only starting to play a more active role in the workplace. In 1980, it was uncommon for women to work in anything other than subsidiary positions, let alone career building by changing jobs. That year at Recruit, women already accounted for a large portion of employees as well as its managerial positions. To recognize the desire of women to expand their career opportunities, we published the recruiting magazine Travail, specializing in women's employment and career moves. The magazine became so popular that people started to use "Travail" as a buzzword for when a woman changed jobs, and our initiatives provided a major impetus for a new era of female empowerment.

To date, the Recruit Group has had five company presidents. The third, Eiko Kono, was the first woman ever to be appointed as a director of the board, and she led the company from 1997 to 2004 as the president. During the tough times of the recession, she implemented structural reforms to the business, such as introducing KPIs, and strengthening our corporate base. In 1986, the Equal Employment Opportunity Law was implemented in Japan, and a 1999 revision to the law banned gender discrimination during hiring and promotion. One can imagine how Kono's time was like back then, while even today, the global average percentage of women in managerial positions is 27%, while it is only 12% in Japan, still the lowest among the G7 countries. With all these positive changes, it would seem that significant progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go.

Gaps still to be bridged

Today, in the Recruit Group, women hold 41.7% of managerial positions across the more than 60 countries that we operate in. However, considering that the ratio of male to female employees is approximately half and half, it should be the same in management positions - but it's not, it's about 10% lower. (See chart below.) This is because half of our approximately 45,000 employees are in Japan, where there are few female managers. While 44.3% of employees in Japan are women, they account for only 25.9% of all managers.

At the end of last year, the Global Gender Gap Report 2019, which ranks each country's gender gap index based on analysis of its gender inequality, showed that Japan had dropped 11 places from the previous year to 121st. In addition to being in the bottom 10 for political participation, a significant index for Japan is that women spend over four times more than men on unpaid work, including housework, childcare, and nursing care. These results indicate a society that is a long way from being one where everyone can play an equal role, regardless of gender differences.


It is a fact that Japan is now actually falling behind other countries. But another way of looking at it is that more advanced nations are providing signposts showing the way forward. Based on our corporate philosophy, the Recruit Group is continuing to work to achieve gender equality and other goals unique to each company and each country. We do this while learning from leading examples, both within and outside the company, and incorporating the positive things that we can take from them.

Since 2006, the Recruit Group in Japan has recognized that this is not just a problem for women, but an issue that needs to be tackled from all directions, and we have been working to improve the situation through a comprehensive approach that includes raising awareness and making structural changes. And the results are steadily bearing fruit. Not only does the business continually provide various career options, but women also make up nearly 30% of section managers in the company.

Furthermore, female leadership is being nurtured, men are being encouraged to take childcare leave, and flexible working styles that are not restricted by time or location are increasingly becoming a norm throughout the company.

We will never stop building on the progress made by the company's founders and our predecessors, and as a global leader in human resource field, we will continue to hone our vision and provide more diverse options worldwide through what we do, and contribute to the realization of universal gender equality.


"The leaders here are strongly invested in helping me level up on my leadership skills. I think that's played a large role in my development as a leader - and as a human being."

Nadeen, Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Development, Glassdoor.

"The leaders here are strongly invested in helping me level up on my leadership skills. I think that's played a large role in my development as a leader - and as a human being."

Nadeen, Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Development, Glassdoor.

HR Technology SBU: Indeed

Promoting and Celebrating Diversity

Women currently make up less than a fifth of technical roles in the tech industry, and only 19% of women have computer science degrees. Research shows that career growth and equal pay are crucial to increasing women in tech roles, two factors that Recruit Group is working to improve. Kim Williams, Senior Director of Design at Indeed, spoke to 1,000 women in the tech field about their experiences and, in this blog post, offers insights on how to empower women to further their careers. 

As Indeed has grown, the company has become increasingly diverse and is committed to equality for all. Indeed's network of inclusion resource groups guarantees that everyone has the same opportunities. Watch the video to find out more.

Staffing SBU: Staffmark and
USG People The Netherlands

Recognizing Achievement: Three Recruit Group Company Leaders Named to the Global Power 150 Women in Staffing 2019

In November 2019, Stacey Lane, Executive Vice President of Field Operations at Staffmark Group, Jennifer Prospero, CFO at Staffmark Group, and Leonie Belonje, Chief Human Resources Officer at USG People The Netherlands, were named to Staffing Industry Analysts' (SIA) Global Power 150 Women in Staffing list. SIA first launched the list in 2015 to celebrate the most influential women in staffing. Staffmark Group and USG People The Netherlands are part of RGF Staffing which is a part of Recruit Group.

Both Lane and Prospero were instrumental in the formation of Staffmark Group, one of the largest staffing companies in the United States, and Leonie Belonje held various leadership roles within USG People including most recently as director of HR, social and legal affairs, as well as being Vice President of the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies. 

Staffing SBU: Peoplebank

Peoplebank: Employer of Choice for Gender Equality for 7 Years in a Row

In February 2019, Peoplebank was recognized by Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) for the 7th consecutive year. Peoplebank, part of RGF Staffing which is part of Recruit Group, is one of 140 participants to receive the title this year and the only recruiters that qualified.

Peoplebank has always been committed to providing employees with an inclusive environment, a comprehensive flexibility policy, equal pay, and measures to reduce and eliminate unconscious bias in hiring processes. Additionally, they host multiple events to raise awareness around gender inequality in the IT sector and utilize a job ad decoder for gender-neutral job ads.

Peter Acheson, CEO of Chandler Macleod Group which recently merged with Peoplebank comments, "We found our gender-diverse business units are more highly engaged, deliver improved financial performance and exhibit strong team cultures."

HR Technology SBU: Glassdoor

Research on the Gender Pay Gap

The jobs and recruiting company Glassdoor, a member of Recruit Group since 2018, have established themselves as thought leaders in the field of pay equality.

In March 2019, the team at Glassdoor Economic Research led by Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain Ph.D., published a comprehensive report on progress in the gender pay gap.

The report highlighted that despite progress having been made, men still earn more than women on average in all eight countries studied, and at current rates it will take anywhere from 15 to 50 years to close the gender pay gap.

View the full report and learn more about Glassdoor's advocacy for equal pay at

Achieving Gender Diversity in Recruit Group, Japan

Achieving Gender Diversity in Recruit Group, Japan

Ratio of Female Managers in our Group Companies in Japan

We first established a dedicated organization to promote D&I in 2006, and since then have seen almost a three-fold increase in the ratio of female managers in our group companies in Japan. Here, with over 40% of our Group employees being female, we have introduced a wide range of initiatives to raise awareness of gender-related issues, increase the number of female managers and empower all employees to have a better work-life balance.

As a result of that, we have seen a steady increase in the ratio of female managers over time, a trend that we are determined to see continue.

* Figures through 2012 are for Recruit Co., Ltd., and figures for 2013 and thereafter are shown on a consolidated basis for ten Group companies in Japan, and Recruit Holdings. Figures for all eleven companies are as of April of each year.
* Executive manager by 2012 are those indicative of Corporate Executive Officer or above at Recruit Co., Ltd., while from 2013, the term is broadened to include Corporate Executive Officers at any of the Group companies in Japan*1 or positions with comparable authority at operating companies.
*1 Recruit Holdings, Recruit Career, Recruit Jobs, Staff Service Holdings, Recruit Staffing, Recruit Sumai Company, Recruit Marketing Partners, Recruit Lifestyle, Recruit Communications, Recruit, Recruit Technologies

Supporting the Work-Life Balance of All Employees in Pursuit of Gender Equality

At Recruit Group, we are closing the gender gap. While our many initiatives aimed at promoting the careers of our female employees play an essential role in establishing equality, they must be accompanied by additional measures addressing the issues that prevent women from embracing the opportunities available.


An equal world is an enabled world.

#IWD2020  #EachforEqual


Recruit Group is committed to realizing a society where gender equality is a given, and all individuals can live life to the fullest.