Creating innovation

Nurturing innovators

Recruit began in 1960 as an advertising agency specializing in job placement ads. Since introducing our new business model centered on newspaper advertising and the field of human resources, we have kept our operations up to date with the times and continually grown by creating new value for society.

Recruit Group's business model uses its solid relationships with clients and users to stimulate and meet their latent needs, increasing their ultimate satisfaction by providing new opportunities that bridge the gaps between these needs and what the market offers, thereby eliminating disatisfaction, inconvenience and anxiety.

Recruit Group believes that the entrepreneurial spirit and extremely powerful sense of responsibility of each employee support this business model and serve as the source of new value, in other words, innovation. It is part of our corporate culture for each of us to ask ourselves "Why are you here?" viewing this society in front of us. One of the characteristics of Recruit Group is that we provide young employees with a wide range of large-scale project opportunities depending on their enthusiasm and good ideas. Recruit Group, as "an arena" for mutually realizing each individual's potential, offers diverse opportunities for drawing out the entrepreneurial spirit and powerful sense of responsibility from our employees.

The Ring program for submitting business projects

Ring is a general term used to describe the various contests for new business projects within Recruit Group. It is an opportunity for embodying Recruit Group's management philosophy "Creation of new value," concurrently a precious opportunity for an employee to be able to make his/her own proposals for, and realize a new business. First started in 1983 under the name RING (Recruit Innovation Group), this annual program has helped produce many new businesses, including Zexy, Townwork, Hot Pepper, R25, and Jyuken Sapuri. With the launch of our new operating structure, the program has evolved to further energize each Group company by letting them hold their own new business contests.