Message from SBU Head
HR Technology
(Global Online HR Business)

Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)

Creating the Future for Job Search

Hisayuki Idekoba

Hisayuki Idekoba

COO and Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Head of HR Technology Business CEO, RGF OHR USA, Inc.
Chairman, Recruit Global Staffing B.V. CEO, Indeed, Inc.

What We Hold Dear: "Isn't There a Better Way?"

Since the day Recruit Group was founded, we have focused on helping people discover opportunities that open up new chapters in their lives. To do this, we constantly have to ask ourselves, "Isn't there a better way?" This is the core of our management philosophy, and it is a value we hold dear. In fact, Recruit Group's entire history could be summed up as the pursuit of creating unique services and solutions in response to this question.

In the beginning, our challenge was to turn the job seeking bulletin boards at colleges and universities-which was the only way to search jobs at the time-into an information magazine available to anyone, to make it easier to find jobs. Recruit Group didn't stop there. As we expanded our services, we also widened our scope to not only include choices that are critical to people's lives, such as those involving housing and education, but also leisure and lifestyle choices, such as where to go on vacation or at what restaurant to eat with their family. But this was just the beginning. We continued asking ourselves, "Isn't there a better way?" For the convenience of our users, Recruit Group transitioned from a traditional publishing company to an online, internet-based business. In 2012 we acquired a US company Indeed, which operates a global online job search engine that utilizes the machine learning. Indeed's aggregation technology is both advanced in its use of algorithms and machine learning and accessible based on a simple interface with two search fields-one for keywords and the other for location. The combination is extremely powerful and relies on cutting-edge technology to sort through massive volumes of data in a single repository for all jobs and deliver search results that are the most relevant to job seekers.

Currently the site has captured the No. 1 position in the global marketplace with more than 200 million users per month.

Glassdoor Joined the HR Technology SBU

We acquired Glassdoor to be operated under the HR Technology SBU in June 2018. Glassdoor was founded on the notion of transparency. Right from the start, they allowed job seekers to access information on what it was actually like to work at a company. They now have almost 60 million users per month and are the front runner in this area. The "word-of-mouth" information, which Glassdoor has advantages on, is also what Recruit Group has put focus on in other services. Whether choosing a trip or choosing a restaurant, customers depend on it.

Choosing a job is one of the most important decisions that anyone will make in their life. Reviews by fellow job seekers on sites like Glassdoor provide job seekers with unique, invaluable insights into what it's actually like to work for a company. But there's still more to do, and I am extremely excited that Glassdoor, an industry pioneer in this area, joined our group.

I often wonder what the experience of searching for a job, applying to it, taking interviews, and building a career will look like for our children's generation -just 10 or 20 years from now. Since building a career is a deeply personal and life-altering experience, I believe that there must be a way to make the whole process less arduous. As a pioneer in this industry, I believe we have a responsibility to make the process faster and simpler, to help guide our children toward a brighter future. I strongly believe that through our ever-evolving technology and services, we will be able to find job seekers a job that perfectly fits them-as if it were suggested by a close friend. To make this happen, we must look beyond simply salary and benefits information, and continue to gather information that uniquely captures what it's actually like to work at a company. We are only at the beginning of this journey. We know this will be a long process, and we are committed to achieving our ambitious goals. Utilizing Indeed's advanced technology and unrivalled user base and Glassdoor's expansive review information, the two companies will leverage their respective strengths to take on new challenges.