Opportunities and Risks

Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)

Opportunities for Recruit Group

In recent years, the world has become a smaller place with the advent of social networking services, cloud computing and smartphones. Nowadays, anyone around the world can easily connect with each other in cyberspace. Amid such advances in technology, we aim to further improve our proposals on "Opportunities for Life" starting with the HR field.

With so many technological innovations recently, AI that has enabled deep learning is one example of the major role technology can play in connecting people to each other in cyberspace. One of the biggest advantages of AI is its ability to deliver information tailored to each individual's needs from an encyclopedic collection of all the world's information.

Indeed is an extremely competitive platform for matching job seekers with employers through the effective use of machine learning. First of all, in an increasingly information-based society, Indeed uses aggregation technology to scour the worldwide web for job listings in order to maintain the completeness and freshness of job information. Secondly, teams of engineers with advanced technical skills analyze in detail the assembled big data, refine algorithms daily to improve matching relevancy, and provide users with stress-free access to job listings around the world.

In the future, we believe it will become possible for highly encompassing matching algorithm technology to be used on a broader set of information, in addition to job listings. Through technological innovation, Recruit Group aims to make the world "faster, simpler and closer to you."

Recruit Group believes risk is best managed in a culture that emphasizes empowerment, accountability and transparency.

Risk for Recruit Group

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz

Corporate Executive Officer
(Legal/Compliance/Information Security)

One of Recruit Group's most valuable assets is data. A core theme in our business is "matching"-using data to connect market participants. Through this process, Recruit Group receives, transmits, stores and uses data from its many customers and clients. Data is also critical in our global business operations, including use of data in compiling and analyzing business results and connecting with and supporting its many valuable employees. Appropriately managing personal information is a top challenge and priority for Recruit Group's business management. Although protective technologies continue to develop and improve, so do the technologies and methods of those who attack IT systems of companies such as Recruit Group. We have and will continue to expend significant resources to manage and secure data, and our employees include many data management and security specialists. Like many leading companies, we employ multiple types of security defenses, including firewalls, antivirus scanning, vulnerability assessment and analytics, access controls, vulnerability reporting rewards, computer security incident response teams, and employee training. Although data management is a top risk, Recruit Group must manage a variety of other important risks. Some examples are included in Annual Securities Report (Japanese only)*1.
*1 Please see Annual Securities Report to fiscal year ended March 2018 on page 15.

Recruit Group strongly believes risk is best managed in a culture that emphasizes empowerment, transparency and accountability. Those at the business front-line or "gemba" should be empowered to make decisions and manage risk based on knowledge of local conditions and subject to global minimum requirements. Risk-related information should be transparently shared with SBU management and ultimately with Recruit Holdings leadership. (Please see details here.) Based on this information sharing, employees should be held accountable for properly managing risk. Recruit Group uses a variety of tools and structures to ensure its transparency and support this comprehensive risk management culture, including periodic auditing by its Internal Audit Department.