Building a society where young people all over the world can get out there and work

Social contribution activities that provide the necessities of employment

The Recruit WORKFIT Program is called "Honki no Shushoku" in its birthplace of Japan.

Since the day of our founding all the way up to the present, employment services for job seekers from graduates to those looking to change workplaces has been our core here at the Recruit Group. Our years of experience and knowhow aren't just used for these services however; we also actively imply them towards contributing aid and resolving issues facing society. One such endeavor is "The Recruit WORKFIT Program", a job-hunting support program offered free of charge to young people.

The program helps relieve the concerns of young job seekers who lack confidence in their job-hunting skills or who feel that they are at an impasse. The Recruit WORKFIT Program is composed of an intensive one day seminar focused on lectures, practice, self-presentation, and interviewing mainly for graduates, new graduates (those who have yet to find any employment after graduating), students, and part-timers. Additionally, there is a four day group work session for graduates, adults in the workforce, and part-timers who want to work towards finding or changing workplaces in order to become full company employees, with the goal being to find an offer within three months of participation. Other courses feature a practical curriculum focused on group work in which participants work together to discover issues in their job-hunting skills, cultivate effective self-presentation, and learn interviewing techniques.

The Recruit Group's goal with this program is to enrich people's lives by helping them connect with society through employment. In doing so, we will create a society where all young people can get out there and work. This desire has steadily grown greater thanks to the Recruit WORKFIT Program.

The Recruit WORKFIT Program is called "Honki no Shushoku" in its birthplace of Japan.

Kenji Yamamoto

Teaching job-seekers the importance of taking that first step, and giving support by letting them know they aren't alone

Staff provide support to young job-seekers and their parents

Embracing the motto "Connecting young people with society", Sodateage-Net (founded in 2004) is an NPO that helps youths who lack work or have only irregular employment. Sodateage-Net works alongside local communities, the government, and businesses to implement a variety of education support endeavors. One example is "Job Tore", a fundamental work training program for young people that is meant to improve basic physical fitness and promote self-awareness, and in doing so create a "foundation for employment" that gives young people what they need to begin job-hunting.

"So-called "youth employment" phenomena such as "freeters" (permanent part-timers) or "NEET" (young people not in education or training) became recognized as genuine social issues in Japan around the year 2000. While many support groups offered aid for truancy or social withdrawal prior to this, few efforts were directed towards helping them enter the work force. That's why we started "Job Tore" coinciding with the founding of our NPO, and in 2006 began offering work support services (mainly individual counseling) in collaboration with the government. These services remain at the core of our group's efforts."

"However, if for instance we provide support focused on individual counseling, only two to three percent of young people actually find work within a month (this number rises to 40 percent within six months). Just as we were thinking of ways to improve this, Recruit approached us in 2011 with an offer to cooperate in their Recruit WORKFIT Program. We want to help young people enter the work force, and Recruit wants to share their knowhow with those having difficulty finding employment, so you could say our two themes matched perfectly. Still, most unemployed youths in Japan tend to be unmotivated, so for many of them even just applying for a job can be a struggle. This is why we fine-tuned our program towards helping them understand the importance taking that first step. As a result the ratio of successful placement increased by 120 to 130 percent. What proved most effective was getting those who felt isolated in their job-hunting efforts to share common goals. Knowing they aren't alone has proven to be a powerful reassurance for participants."

"While the employment rate does vary due to fluctuations in the economic climate of the times, in general there will always be a certain number of people with difficulties finding work. As long as such people exist, we will be here to support them with our programs."

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Yuko Murata

I was able to take a good look at myself and expand my vision

Though she was able to secure a clerical job after graduation, Yuko Murata decided to change professions in order to broaden her horizons. She took part in the Recruit WORKFIT Program so that she could find a new workplace within the limited timespan of two months. As a result, she found employment at a network maintenance and operation company involved in cloud services, and now feels motivated in her work each and every day.

Yuko is busy each day, but now feels more fulfillment in her work than every before

"What can I really do?" -- "that was the first thought in my head as I began looking to change professions. Unfortunately, I lacked the motivation to hunt for a new job on my own but still wanted to find something within the short timeframe of just two months, so I searched for a good way to do this. I looked at various seminars, and the only one I found that met all of my conditions was the Recruit WORKFIT Program with its four-day, group work-based course, so I decided to take it."

"I made a big discovery on the first day. Up until then I had limited my options to my skills and professions that suited them. However, on the first day I had a chance to use tools for discovering potential that helped me think of what I am good at and what jobs would let me use this. Thanks to these tools I was able to find appeal in lines of work I had never even considered a possibility. In other words, I was able to take a good look at myself and expand my vision. The other members of my team and the instructors also provided support. On the final day everyone is supposed to apply at several companies, and if things don't work out we discuss the reasons why. We all have different dream jobs but our desire to work is the same, which naturally builds a supporting relationship. I still keep in contact with many of my teammates."

"Those looking to change occupations may be at a bit of a disadvantage because in many cases they have even less experience than new graduates. Even so, I want to work as hard as I can in my current role and become a person who can develop more than anyone else. The reason is that developing more makes life all the richer."

Nguyễn Thị Kim Loan
Centre of Enterprise Relations
Deputy Head

The important thing is to change the mentality of students. We want to build an enduring connection with RGF

Ms. Nguyen learned of our program from RGF staff in Hanoi

Vietnam currently has a prolific job market with more opportunities arriving every day. While any students who go about job-hunting proactively are sure to find work, providing them with the support to do so is an important part of this. The Centre of Enterprise Relations at the University of Economics and Finance offers consulting to help students gain employment. Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Loan works at the university using the knowhow she has accumulated to aid students. She has recently introduced the Recruit WORKFIT Program as part of a new experiment.

"A colleague introduced me to RGF, which is how I learned about the Recruit WORKFIT Program. This also happened to be right around the time that students were preparing to begin internships, so I decided to introduce the program. I took part in the program as well and found it to be very useful at a practical level for everything from key points for interviews, sitting posture, speaking, and how to project one's voice."

"What I found to be most important was for students to gain an understanding of what the companies providing the jobs are looking for and then being able to project that as applicants. Part of the Recruit WORKFIT Program involves having students read job listings and consider what kind of skills companies want, and then learn to present what skills they can bring to the table in interviews. I saw that gaining this opportunity helped students realize their own strengths."

"Our university has more than 100 partner businesses with whom we exchange information on jobs and internships, or who conduct seminars or conferences with us. RGF's program also meets the needs of students in a practical sense, so it proves very informative especially before internships or employment. It would please me greatly if we could have a good relationship with RGF that builds into a lasting connection."

Introducing a practical curriculum for students is our policy as a university

Nguyen Ngoc Nhat Khang
Corporate Finance

The thorough guidance unlike that of other seminars changed my idea of job-hunting

The University of Economics and Finance supports students in their search for employment in a variety of methods. This applies not only to their curriculum, but also to the way the university actively cooperates with private businesses. Three students who took part in RGF's Recruit WORKFIT Program found the experience to be more enjoyable and effective than they had imagined.

"I took part in the program because one of my university professors told me it was a good seminar. I had participated in various interview programs before then, so I was curious to see what exactly made this one different."

"Though it was only short program, I was able to learn everything needed to make an impression during interviews like manners and good posture, and received detailed feedback on the spot. I was of course very satisfied, and I think every student who participated changed the way they think about job-hunting."

Tran Khiet Luan
Finance and Banking

The program was practical and I enjoyed it. And as a result, I received an offer from a brokerage!

"I wanted to work at a major accounting firm, so I took part in the program thinking it would lead to greater opportunities. I had participated in various seminars aimed at enhancing interview skills, but the Recruit WORKFIT Program was a bit different in that it taught practical things instead of just the logic behind them, so I learned a great deal. I was happy to be able to roleplay with the others in the program and found it very enjoyable. It made me wish that RGF would work even more closely with my university to organize more events."

"The university held a job fair a week after the program ended, and upon interviewing with a major brokerage I received an offer to introduce me to their person in charge of hiring two weeks later! I intend to contact them as soon as I finish my graduation thesis in July. I am very grateful to so many people."

Do Thi Diem My
The International Business Administration

I was able to improve in areas I needed to work on, and was accepted for an internship at a company that interested me

"I looked up the WORKFIT program myself after hearing that Recruit organized it. I learned that they were a company based in Japan that a lot of experience working in human resources. My impression was that a Japanese company would know many methods for improvement. So I decided to take part in the program assured that I would learn a great deal."

"What made it different from other seminars is that it taught me my strengths and weaknesses on the spot so that I knew what I needed to do to improve myself. The truth is that I had been thinking of applying for an internship at a bank that interested me, but I honestly didn't have much confidence and was unsure of what to do. The Recruit WORKFIT Program helped me gain that confidence by providing advice on everything from how to shake hands and establish communication to relationships in conversations and the loudness of my voice. When I finally decided to challenge myself I got accepted after my first interview!"

The range of issues different countries around the world face is as diverse as their economies, market situation, and cultures. On the other hand, it's a well-known fact that wherever people interact with each other there will always be certain problems that are the same no matter where you are. The difficulties young people face when finding employment that we mentioned here are common to any time and place, which is something that the adults, society, and companies supporting them have to recognize.

The goal of the Recruit WORKFIT Program is to realize a future for the entire world where employment connects people with society and makes life richer, a society where all young people can get out there and work. In order to make this come true we are still going to need more social contributions from businesses, groups, and organizations that utilize the experience, knowhow, and ideas they have accumulated.

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