Recruit partners with US-based MOOC provider Udacity to offer content in Japanese

Mar. 13, 2014
Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masumi Minegishi), has signed a partnership agreement with Udacity, Inc. (Headquarters: Mountain View, California ; CEO: Sebastian Thrun) to propagate Udacity content in Japan by offering a portion of that content in Japanese.

1.Partnership Objective

To date, Recruit has promoted the propagation of massive open online courses (MOOCs) through MOOC-related news disseminated through EDMAPs, Recruit's MOOCs information site. Now Recruit has signed a partnership agreement with Udacity, Inc., a US-based MOOC provider, in anticipation of a trend toward further MOOC expansion. By making some of Udacity's English-language content accessible in Japanese, Recruit will offer large numbers of Japanese speakers the opportunity to study cutting-edge technology centered on computer science.

UDACITY on Edmaps URL:

2.Partnership Overview

Through this partnership, Recruit will engage in activities to promote the propagation of Udacity course content and course-related introductory content in Japanese.

1. Six Udacity courses will be offered in Japanese

Recruit has created Japanese subtitles for the following six Udacity courses, and plans to localize additional courses.

Courses localized in Japanese:

  • Algorithms
  • How to Build a Startup
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • Interactive 3D Graphics
  • Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce
  • Web Development

*Japanese subtitles will be available?sequentially.

Special section on EDMAPs: UDACITY on Edmaps

Recruit will establish a special "UDACITY on Edmaps" section on its MOOCs-related information site. The new section will deliver accessible information relating to details of Udacity courses in Japanese.

  • Udacity's entire course catalog and syllabi (as of February 20, 2014) will be available in Japanese
  • Introductory videos, subtitled in Japanese, will be available for all Udacity courses (as of February 20, 2014), and Recruit will support localization in Japanese.
  • Smartphone access
    UDACITY on Edmaps will also be accessible from mobile devices for easy access to all content anytime, anywhere.

3.Overview of UDACITY

Udacity, Inc. is a US-based education provider specializing in cutting edge technology courses on data science, mobile development, computer science, and other topics designed to help an individual advance their career in technology. The company offers online courses that range from Introduction to Computer Science to advanced courses like Artificial Intelligence. Founder Sebastian Thrun is known for his contribution to starting up Google X Lab and involvement in such R&D projects as Google Glass.

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